Monday, August 15, 2011

New Law Section to protect SG Ladies

New law section in
Dont need to hire a lawyer or give money to lawyer, SG Ladies , your questions being answered here to protect your self against the SG GUYS!

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13th August 2011 - Night Shot

This is taken at lor 14. For more photos , please refer to
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Singapore Geylang Checker forum (SGC) photo updates

Photo updates in Singapore Geylang Checker (SGC) forum
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NIGHT Battle - National Day Eve

A Dual Role GWE and GDE person patrols the land with us on National Day Eve. Here is it. More can be found in the Singapore Geylang Checker forum (free member register now)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gloomy Monday Morning

Having done some recces in the weekends with the GC Team, we felt worn out  and tired.
Today, is a big challenge to get up from my bed for work.  Having sitting in the trains towards my work place, i beginning to wonder should we send out one team down now?

But i am also worry of the publicity of the site, there could be guys waiting for us there.
Recently, i received an email stating that a guy has managed to found us and he even know where am i working at. This really stirs up a bit of fear in me.

In the afternoon lunch just now at Wendy with my colleagues, the married male colleagues all are very hostile towards GC Founder whom they do not know is me. They mentioned that nowadays their wives become very smart and educated in this area of field. Seems like Singaporean Ladies finally is rising up against unfair treatment..I felt so glad on this .

Friday, July 22, 2011

SGC Secret Photos in forum

SGC exclusive Photo folder in

For access to those whom have posted at least 50 posts in the Singapore Geylang Checker forum(

Photos are secret compilation that never been revealed before. 
- A SG MAN being hugged in daylight in the streets of Geylang!
-The room of the prostitute etc

Statistics of SIngapore Geylang Checker Forum

Total Registered Members : 97
Latest news : We have added a secret section called "PHOTO" which is password protected , only allow for members whom posted frequently in the forum as a verification to their active participation.

Hi , I want to thank you for the growing number of registered members in the Singapore Geylang Checker Forum. As reported in the Shin Min Newspaper last night that this forum is still growing in the number of posts, we believe we can build up this site to counter cheating SG Men in Singapore and provide a Complete suite of support, advice, tips, tools ,services & PHOTOS for our Singaporean Ladies.
Please do support and encourage posts.

Right now membership is free without moderation.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Count 67 Posts

Final Count 67 Posts

Thank you for all the support. Geylang Checker has been saved and will remain.
We will set out on our new direction and also in our complete coverage website :

Membership now is free for all, without moderation, once you complete registering as a member.
Anonymous information is allowed during member registration.
We will stop accepting new members into the forum as the website will reveal special photos and tactics to help Singaporean Ladies.

Thank you,
Geylang Checker

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Complete Geylang Checker Whistleblower Forum Set up.

Hi Singaporean Ladies and Nice Singaporean Men, as per request from many , GC Team have set up a forum with our GWEs, GDEs and GHEs.
Together over here, we will provide a more holistic and complete solution towards Cheating Singaporean men to protect our Singaporean Ladies.

Our agenda over here is to provide a very strong support base for Singaporean Ladies against Cheating Hubbies/ BFs and represents the
whistle blower or watchdog against cheating Singaporean Men.

Please do support us through your active participation in the forum. We will still maintain this blogspot site as a main thrust towards Geylang.

Those who post positively frequently over this initiating period will be granted the role of "Moderators" , limited slots for these.

ps: Rest of GWEs, GDE, GHEs please quickly register as members to take control of your sub forum that already created to you.

Thank you

Geylang Checker

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 4

Anonymous said...
Lets think out of the box. If Geylang is a legal entity AND NORMAL LIFESTYLE in Singapore, WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC unless they aer guilty of something? Commercial sex is normal to me as government approves it so once again WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC? If Geylang is so normal as what those guys commented, it should be no different to streets of Orchard road when you have your photos taken by "Just for Laugh" or candid pictures. SG GUYS . OXYMORON. Keep up the good work , GC checkers.


如果我们赢了...根据票数, 我们会施行以下的反应:

  • 等于或多余50票数  : 芽笼突击队保留.
  • 等于或多余60票数 :芽笼突击队重新拟定新的方向和重点
  • 等于或多余70票数 : 马上派下一组"梦幻组合"到芽笼街上."梦幻组合"包括 男性 GWE (游击队战略防御顾问) GDE (芽笼领域顾问) 来保护我们的原本队员.



    IF we won 50 comments challenge...

    Hi, today is a sunny Tuesday, i didn't join my colleagues for breakfast near Lau Pat Sa because maybe i am becoming more paranoid. Colleagues talked about GC again after local Shin Min Newspaper reported about the 50 Comments Challenge. One of the male colleagues seems to be suspecting me. It seems like i may not be as strong as what the general perception perceived of me.

    The GC Team meet up again yesterday to talk about the plans of GC if 50 comments are not reached on Wed 2359hrs. We also talked about whether the current refinement in our stance  of the website towards "Naturist Approach" is a good way?  Something special out of this meeting is that we asked along our pioneer male volunteers to attend the meeting this time round- ranks of GDE(Geylang Domain Experts), GWE (Guerrilla Warfare Expert )and GHE(Guys Heart Expert), they are really nice guys :)

    The most important conclusion will be that if we hit 50 comments and above, below actions will be carried out based on the quantity of the support :
    • >=50 comments  : Geylang Checker saved.
    • >=60 comments : Geylang Checker goes through major re-branding (secret, reveals after wed 2359hrs)
    •   >=70 comments : Immediate dispatches of a team down Geylang Streets - A new formation of GC Ground Checkers squad with male GWE and GDE accompany to protect the GC ladies
     Thank you.

    Geylang Checker

    50 Comments Challenge - Best Comments Posted 3

    Anonymous said...
    19 July 2011 8.28am commenter.. There's issues with the system as I even tried to post up more than 3 times. There's no verification code thus I would conclude it as a system error. This might not be what the founder deleted, unless you see your post like the above post as "This post has been removed by the author." than I'm speechless. Anyway, woman cheating on guys is lesser as compare to guy cheating on gals. and in any even if you mentioned that gals do cheat, why not you open a blog and start doing what the founder has done. I have started a team out of this "circle" it's more of a common interest and I tell you, it's not easy at all. Of cuz, couple break up anot, it would be their own mutual trust. Show me a photo of my wife and another guy, I would question her. She say no, I'll agree with her answer. It's as simple as that. Lastly, you are married and have a wonderful wife like me, why would you wan to "fame" GC? Fair or not, a person doesn't have 3 head 6 limbs. He/she can't do as much as anyone. We have the same 24 hours 1 head 2 hand 2 legs. If you think she could, you could do it as well. =) Just my 2 cents of comments.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Drastic Actions - Donation and Advertising Appeal Removed

    In order to prove the sincerity of this website, GC has decided to remove the donation and advertising pages away to justify that we are not a money making site.

    We will just survive on our own, its ok. Ladies in Singapore are used to this anyway when there is no help around.

    Thank you.

    Geylang Checker

    Best Opposition Comments by SG GUY- "to be fair to them - GC"

    Anonymous said...
    ---As quoted----- Anonymous said... Don't close down the website. The truth is, a lot of guys are afraid of getting caught. Ignore the negative comments, and don't be affected especially by the personal attacks. Be brave, be courageous, take heart... and be confident in the cause of Geylang Checker. July 17, 2011 11:52 AM -------------- You really need to put yourself in others shoe instead of just siding people of the same gender as you. Because how I feel with what your doing is like your grouping man as a total species of animal, and doesn't need to care for alot. In your mind you only protect and acknowledge ladies. To make it sound bad, your like a gay who hates dicks because apparently you had a bad childhood from ur sucky angry father. All you had been thinking, oh know, what if the girl got cheated by the guy? Oh dea, i so pity the girl, the boyfriend dumped him! But can you even put yourself in a male shoe for at least 1 scenerio? The site took photo of random man walking on the streets and label them cheaters, somewhat indirectly. (Yes they still seems like it even if you dont say it out directly) Can you bloody imagine how would you feel when some guy start up slut checker, take photo of random ladies on the street, put up on their blog, then call you slut finder, finding ang mo to dig their wallet? Yes I sympathised founder, whose boyfriend apparently cheated on him for some chicken. But she needs to get over it, move on, and if she have so much extra time, she can learn to work out on the reason why the relationship failed, (e.g bad pick, should had understand him more before dating) instead of spending time stalking pimps and breaking down their not very moral business, butting into other's people relationship and breaking them up. Because even though prostitution is not very moral, it doesn't harm people. Even if those people who finds hooker(not cheater) does things that are not very moral, its not illegal or harm anybody else well. In fact they decrease rape crimes. You dont have to embarass them just because you happened to study psychology and know they will be embarrassed if found out.. I'm sorry but thats what I think. This site is sexism abusing the fact that anti-sexism only goes one way and not the other gender. If you want to expose cheaters. Then dont drag other men not involved in, in any way, any small small way like taking the innoncent pictures. And no, even though you say its just a picture off a naturalist. Its still offending imo. I know many guy gonna disagree with me, because imo, you all just want to pretend to be gentleman and act like a ladies' man. Hence you do this pretend you support whatever they does and set up woman charter, but in truth, can you think abit more like your real innerself and for man who doesn't have the same belief as you. BTW, one recommmendation I have for you sg girls is to work on your attitude to sex instead of mere activity to put up with men. Even if you have no sexual attraction to the men because you are with him for his status, can you at least pretend you really love and lust for his body and enjoy sex, instead of treating of something to put up with ur husband, men like you wants their body to be loved after all. I think thats where chicken are good at, they are good at pretending. You may think a horny woman only makes you looks like a slut, but how is it a slut when you only do it/show the side of you to your husband? Anyway, this is the only recommendation, theres still many many methods to improve your relationship because sex is only a small part of relationship. I hope you have a goal now at least instead of taking down every men who patronize geylang because of your freaking boyfriend, the root causes of this web.

    50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 2

    Anonymous said...
    Guilty men trying to close down this website. Shift around the blame to the girls? I saw the joke of the year comment here. "Simple reason. You buy a Giordano shirt for a foreigner, they will appreciate you for life. You buy the same shirt for a Sg gal, they think you are a cheapskate. " LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!`~11! Are you living in 3rd world country? You get the same shit response everywhere. Those that seems grateful are either poor or too polite to tell you in your face you are CHEAP. And for ur info, whatever my bf gets for me, a $5 shirt or $500 dress. I always feel grateful and loved. Its not the amount that counts, it the thought. BTW, its true cheating people is all around. But by exposing those in geylang, transmitting of sexual disease to the innocent partner can be lowered. Dont you guys know prostitute fk with all the guys that paid them? Their hole is disgustingly dirty and loose.

    50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted Till Now

    Anonymous said...
    When a man goes to geylang for the chicken, THEY ARE THE ONES who betray and break the relationships. Not checker. Why dont you haters/men put this way? Checker just want to protect the women whom are blissfully unaware that their husband or bf may contract Aids or some sexual disease from those chicken. "Men won't cheat if his woman can satisfy him." LOL? OH SO NOW THE WOMAN IS THE BLAME FOR MEN INFIDELITY? IF the wife/gf cooks for him, do the housework, slog at work, give birth to his child, but couldnt give him a good sex, its time to cheat on her? What happen to mutual trust, love and care? I got friends that can give their bfs good sex, but they still stray. WHY? see the same face everyday till bored, so must fk some random slut? If checker is the one that expose those despo guys and cause breakup or divorce, GOOD. Let their ex wife and gf know its not worth to stay with those jerks. You CHEATING men are the ones that cause heartbreaks and even pass sexual diseases to the innocent. They can find a better men elsewhere. If there are strain in the relationship, TALK. NOT WITH YOUR PENIS. Am I saying all the men? No, its those CHEATING men. I feel so unjusified for checkers.

    50 comments challenge

    If we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

    Singaporean ladies, you make the call , GC 's future depends on you.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011



    现在,我们在食格吃饭着,尽量低调一点。可是我又忍不住想让人找到我们, 这心中的矛盾,还真的不能理解。



    GC Closes down.

    Now the sun is setting, we are still at the amphitheater of vivocity.
    We have reached an agreement. Because not much Singaporean ladies complains about Singaporean men in the comments posted, we are feeling that GC may not be needed.

    Let's set this ultimatum out: if we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

    Singaporean ladies, you make the call now. Time starts now.

    Did we malign Singaporean guys?

    On this sunny afternoon , GC held a meeting at Vivocity skygarden.
    We are looking through all the comments to GC through our iPhones and iPads.
    Maybe I am now a bit paranoid. A bit weak and unstable in my stance, I seems to notice a group of guys staring at us and making funny comments. I was thinking "did they suspect us as the GC"?

    Anyway, back to the topic of the post, we refined our stance of the website to make it less disturbing for the residents and passerby of Geylang.
    The new refinement will be" anybody caught in our pictures will be given the benefit of doubts. We will not associate them to evil-doings. In this case, we are just Geylang streets monitor just like cameras installed at the corners of the streets.

    So to reemphasize , Singaporean guys, if your photos are published, Do not worry , we will only associate you with walking down the Geylang streets at that point of time.

    No worries. Guys. :)

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    Best Comment Posted

    This is probably of one of the best comments that makes me feel encouraged . I need the encouragement to go on , not necessarily in monetary but in spirits .

    Best comment :
    All you guys are so immature. The founder of this website is not seeking out revenge, nor vengeance or anything else you suggest. To this date there has been no monitoring of such matters, even via private investigators, and this website is basically trying to fulfill that role.

    You guys can go ahead and try insult the person who founded this website and movement, as well as make stupid calculations on why a Singaporean girl isn't as good as a PRC one.

    The fact is, the founder of this website, as well as many, many other women out there don't need you. They don't need guys. They can well support themselves independently, financially and otherwise. They would, however, be in a relationship for mutual respect and genuine love, of which all of you don't understand nor deserve.

    The agenda of this website is not personal. It strives to warn deserving women of their partner's immorality, so they can find better partners. Since no one is monitoring this issue currently, I applaud the founder of this website for addressing this issue.

    I have a gf not for good sex, but for good company, mutual care and love. If you guys belittle women and objectify them, you do not deserve to be in a serious relationship.

    I hope that one day all of you will be 'caught'. So that your deserving partners know of your true colours, and find better partners who will have more respect for them.

    Should I Stop?

    Ever since this website was reported by the media, I begun to get many Singaporean men's emails. A lot of people given advices to me on how to run this GC better and provide more protection and safety for my team. Really grateful for the helps . But a majority of the Singaporean men keep asking me to close down this site because they think I should move on.

    On this windy Saturday afternoon at marina cove alone, I am thinking right now....Should I close off this site? Maybe what the guys said in the email were correct- Singaporean men are generally honest and most of them don't cheat.Maybe is me , not doing enough for my bf that why he swayed , maybe it's not his fault....

    Singaporean ladies, should I or should I not ? Please advice me..

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes?

    "Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes, other nationalities girls?"

    This is the thought that i have been thinking all the while in my mind. Am i not better than them?
    Are we Singaporean ladies really so bad and inferior that Singaporean men wants to look for them....
    Its really pain me so much when i saw my boyfriend walks down that staircase of the brothel in geylang lorong 18 on May 15 2010 935pm kissing a goodbye kiss to that girl. I never forget this date.

    Why Singaporean ladies have to face all these things despite we truly love our man and give them the love they want ? This is really so hurting till now i will tear whenever i thought of this.

    Singaporean ladies, Are we really in wrong that why Singaporean man is not faithful to us?

    Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?

    "Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?"

    This is the popular question posted to me often. In the pantry of my office, now they are having ad-hoc discussion over Geylang Checker . They are debating on whether GC really catches the correct guy, maybe they are residents? I am just slipping my coffee and being as passive as possible , in my heart, i am not as strong as i portrayed, i still felt nervous that they could know i am the Founder. I am still weak.

    Back to the question. How to know they are actually workers, employees, bypassers or residents around geylang instead of prostitute finders?

    The answer is simple and elaborated in the link "Did We Catch the Right guys?

    But over here , let me add more explanation to this.
    We always hide the faces and car plates of the "potential" men that we took photos of. This already made this particular man unknown and anonymous. Unless that man admits himself that he is the masked or mosaic-ed person.

    We will do over here is to leverage on a Theory called Probability and Prior Knowledge of Wife/GF that leads to the hypothesis/inference/extrapolated identification of that man.

    10 Steps Scenario Play-  Take for example,
    1. The man LIEs to the wife that he is going to  VivoCity with friends at 9pm
    2. GC ladies commandos took photo of this man in geylang in lorong 18 (legal prostitute houses). ->Probability Theory in Even numbered Lorongs
    3. GC masked the face of this man in photo.
    4. GC published this masked face photo on web but still reveals the apparels and clothings of this man
    5. Wife goes to check on GC routinely daily and happens to see this masked face man photo with SAME clothing(for that day) and wearing an limited edition special watch that she bought for her husband/bf. -> Correlation / Hypothesis Theory by Wife
    6. Bingo! Wife/GF  immediately questions Husband/ BF.
    7.Questioning starts for that Man to explain himself.
    8.Either Man succeeded to explain himself out or being caught formally by wife/gf .
     9. This Man will dislike to go to Geylang anymore because of this hassle.
    10. Deterrence level increases for Singaporean Men in cheating at Geylang.

    So GC is not explicitly exposing that man cheats, because we NEVER reveal the face or car plate numbers.
    Its the Ghost in the hearts of the Cheating Man that catches up fast with his karma.

    Thank you for the support

    Today, lots of emails flooded me and i am busy replying them through my iphone.
    Ever since My Paper reported that i am working in one of the Big5 auditing company, a few of my colleagues today seems suspicious of me that i am the founder of Geylang Checker because some of them knew my past but maybe its my own thinkings, they have not realized that i am the Founder.

    Thank you for the console and encouragement emails given to me by many. Some have advised me to get it over with. Some have advised me to be extra careful, really appreciate that. One thing i want to tell to the whole of Singapore is that i will not let go of this. I will not .

    Thank you David Lim from SPH (My Paper) for giving a very elaborated report of me. I want to thank him for his professionalism unlike other reporters whom selectively revealed only one facet of my story and setting a doubt to others.

    Many people said that this is a scam. If you all think so, please dont click the "Donate button" , its ok. As usual. we ladies in Singapore again are being bullied and look down. There is no support from public,. we are fine because from the disappointments we had from Singaporean men, we have learn how to be independent and stay strong always. I believe that one day, some people will eventually realise that this is not a scam.

    From a simple phototaking or google photos(if people wants to claim it) to active photo taking and night shots, the point has been achieved, momentum has kickstarted, the momentum of deterrence , the momentum of catching cheating Singaporean men, this is the whole point.Its now being becoming as a whistle-blower platform with support from both sexes, especially our male GDE, GWE and GHEs. 

    This will be the tipping point for more things to be done for the welfare of ladies, wives, mums, gfs in the whole of Singapore. Go forward, Singaporean Ladies!

    Our Team at Geylang Checker, salutes.

    Geylang Checker Team

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Shocking Nightshot Photo

    Another category of girl that Singaporean men going for. Night shot photo. Know your enemies well , ladies of Singapore.

    Photo taken : Talma Road (near lorong 12)

    Male Consultants Role Classifications

    Hi, due to overwhelming Male Consultants enrolment. We have decided to classify the roles as follow with the JD (Job Description):

    • Geylang Domain Expert (GDE)
      • A person whom have vast experiences with the sex trade in Geylang
      • Know the streets layout of Geylang in and out
      • Know where are the different nationalities of girls found in Geylang
    • Guerrilla Warfare Expert (GWE)
      • A person whom have vast experiences with guerrilla operation
      • Strong in decoy deployment
      • Strong in escape route planning
      • Strong in defensive warfare
    •  Guys Heart Expert (GHE)
      • Knows the cheating mentality of Singaporean guys well
      • Can be a cheater himself but willing to repent
      • Share all the tricks for cheating
      • Share counter actions for cheating
      • Share signs of cheating of men
      • Reveal the secrets thinking of men
      • Strong pyschology understanding of men
    Please do email for enrolment. Please specify the single role or multiple roles that you can take up.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Newspaper Lian He Wan Bao tmr reporting

    Hi, the reporter (tay) from Lian He Wan Bao has mentioned that he will be publishing Geylang Checker tmr evening. Please do grab hold of one copy.

    Geylang Checker

    Geylang Checker may appear in this july 14th Thursday (My Paper)

    I just being informed by the journalist from My Paper (David) that Geylang Checker article containing on the things that i have never revealed before will be in the morning newspaper My Paper (Wo Bao) this coming Thursday 14th July 2011.

    I think our team and myself will grab one copy in this thursday morning from the usual auntie or uncle distributing the Wo Bao.

    Still fingers crossed , do not know whether what the journalist said is true...

    Lets wait and see.

    Singaporean Ladies, grab your copy of Wo Bao this thursday morning.

    Interview Requests by Local Media

    Lian He Wan Bao, Razor Videos and My Paper have got into contact with me for an interview.
    I am thinking whether to let one of my team member goes into interview with them.
    I will be risking the exposure of my team member.
    I need to reconsider this seriously.

    I have already replied My  Paper's journalist(David) most of the queries he posted to me. Those working with him, can get hold of him to get the insider information i never revealed before.

    Geylang Checker

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Shocking Secret Photo Sent by Someone

    This photo sent to me today, reveals what is the standards of the girl in Geylang whorehouse that attracts our men. To win them, we must know them.

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Master Plan for Year 2011

    Hi all comrades, recently, we, the Geylang Checkers, have an internal meeting to provide more services for the ladies in Singapore.

    • We will be recruiting more female Geylang Checkers to inspect the streets of Geylang to take pictures of any potential men.
    • We will be also recruiting MALE Consultants to understand the deepest mind of cheating men. For those interested to be a volunteer, please email to
    • [Killer thread]We will be providing a thread on the topic of the secrets ways that men cheats in Singapore context so that you ladies out there can monitor your men for the subtle signals for an impending cheating affair to happen.
    We hope that the ladies out there can stand up for themselves. Please support us in our doings.

    Founder, Geylang Checker

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Recruitment Phase for Female Geylang Checkers

    Hi All, Geylang Checker is currently going on for a recruitment for female geylang checkers.

    • Female
    • Daring
    • Able to remain calm during situations of confrontations
    • Has a natural ability to take photo shoots or video without people noticing
    • Willingness and Passion 
    • Day shift and Night shift
    Currently our team is expanding hence we need more people, for those who are interested for this good cause. Please send your interest and particulars with a recent photo as a proof that you are female to Males are not entertained!

    Thank you.
    Geylang Checker Founder. 

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Interesting Pic Posted

    Think about the above question posted.

    This will be the question i have been longing to ask. I am beautiful as what others has claimed.
    Why my bf still find another woman down the streets, worst thing is prostitute.

    Why? Can anyone tell me why?!

    Geylang Checker Founder

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Why Men Cheats on his Wife / GF?

    This is an excerpt from a CNN news.

    Surely you, like me, have heard numerous friends or significant others say something to the effect of, "How could he have cheated on his wife? She's so gorgeous!" Yes, Elin Nordegren is a blonde-haired Swedish former model and her turd husband allegedly still cheated on her.

    What I want to know is why we insist a woman's beauty -- which is highly subjective! -- is some kind of barometer -- which is highly shallow! -- of whether or not her hubby will cheat.
    Let's get this clear: People cheat because they are unhappy in their relationships. That's it. I'm not naive: I know plenty of people cheat because their paramours have gained weight/lost too much weight and said paramours are no longer an object of physical attraction. But it's an underlying and relatively shallow factor, not cause-and-effect at all.

    Most relationships have these little things called "love," "trust" and "respect"; relationships that have all those things don't have cheating. If you really, really love someone, you will deal with the inevitable aging process.
    The implication is that Nordegren is too pretty to cheat on and that Tiger's infidelity would make more sense if she were ugly -- but since she's beautiful, there must be something else she did that drove him to do something so insane.

    Let's stop insinuating that when a man cheats, it is always because of something the wife did (or didn't do). And that's especially true when we're talking about somebody like Tiger Woods, who appears to have allegedly cheated with a bunch of random cocktail waitresses all over the country. None of them appear to be love matches.

    Furthermore, Tiger Woods has plenty of coin to hire a divorce lawyer. If he was/is really unhappy in his marriage to Elin Nordegren, I'm sure plenty of attorneys would jump at the chance to handle his breakup for him. Cheating, as they say, is the coward's way out.
    At the end of the day, it is Tiger who allegedly cheated. It is Tiger who allegedly tried to cover up the mobile phone trail. It's Tiger who is at fault, not his beautiful wife.

    Night Shots May 05 2011

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Night Patrol

    Hi Ladies, we have equipped with Night Vision capabilities. Night photographs will be available soon. Please watch this space.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Did we catch the right guys?

    Hi , a lot of people including reporters has
    been asking us whether are we catching the
    WRONG people?
    This question is easily answered by the confluence factors of Probability and the Knowledge of Wife/GF themselves.

    Please see the page on " Did we catch the right guys" for the full details.

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Chinese New Year Eve

    Its have been always a tactic that husband and boyfriends used to cheat on wives and gfs : They will said that on Chinese New Year eve 's company operating hour is not half day , they will say they only able to leave around 4pm or 5pm  but in fact the company already released them around 12pm or 1pm.  This will create a window gap that they could rush down to Geylang for their fun.

    Hence, with this psychology of SG men in mind, we sent down Team A down yesterday afternoon around 130pm to do our patrolling. Here are the pictures:

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Mysterious Hole

    Hi, my team found out that there have been quite a number of people visiting this "Hole" , now will take down the snap shots first:

    Its a mystery that guys keep going in and out of this hole. This hole is situated below darlene hotel.
    Looks creepy here, that why my team do not dare to go in further. Next time, i will ask my team A to go down as they are more trained although are girls too, they are better off!

    31st Jan 2011 shots

    Hi , after a period of preparation, Geylang Checker is back.

    Yesterday we sent our team down at 3:00pm. Here are the photos:

    More will be coming as our internal team is preparing the photographs.

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    News Headline

    Hi ladies, this is the report from the local newspaper. Some ladies requested me to put it up again.