Sunday, October 31, 2010

Support by a Girl

Complain by a Guy

Interview for Lian He Wan Bao

1. My name is anonymous.
2. This idea to spot those guys is being taught by one of my male colleague. He told me that his worst fear is to see a familiar face while walking in geylang. As i studied pyschology before, if i want to deter a person , i must know the ultimate source of fear which is fear of being seen and caught. Thus, i focus in this direction.
3.2 teams right now, 20+ people all made up of females
4. Yes, answered in point 3.
5.Yes, monitored daily
6.we have received over 10 requests
7.They have cursed with vulgarities, threatened to kill us.

Lawyer statement to Geylang Checker

"Its not unlawful to take pictures of people in common public places"