Friday, October 27, 2017

Recruitment for Freelance Investigators-same style as Uber or Grab

Part time jobs offer - Freelance Investigators (Uber Style)
Do you have the skills of Stomping people using your phone ? Join us! We are looking out for FreeLance Investigators to help us in simple tasks such as taking photos and tracking of SG guys... Same style as Uber or Grab....join us by fulfilling below form

Vietnam Girl - SG

A lot of SG guys prefer Viet Girls compared to SG Girls ...Why?
The SG guys said that V-girls are better and gentle ...
SG girls are uglier and fierce , even makeup also will not make SG girls pretty..
What do you think?

Viet girls from one of male colleagues in my current company claimed that they are very money minded and have a scheming long term plan to cheat SG guys money.

Watch out ! If the V-girl start to tell you sob stories of her poor family back at Hanoi or Ho could be a seed to plant in your mind that she will ask u for financial help sooner or later..

Watch out! She could be sharing her vagina to X number of SG guys plus 1 real Viet lover/hubby/bf ...V-girl has no problems on this and they take it with pride...

------From GeyLang Checker ,Angie--------
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Friday, April 14, 2017

No Panty Ad- SG Colleague Stares!

I happened to come across an ad by Kotex ( i am  not advertising over here, if Kotex wants to find me for advertising, please do) , seems like my guy colleagues  is looking at below portion for 99.9% of his whole attention of the  video.....SG Guys really horny...

SG Guys got scammed

There is a high secret trend that SG GUYS are being scammed in various chat app that know new  girls...

Below is an  example of a sweet girls:

But when the SG GUYS met up with the girls,in hotel its turns out to be

Hi are you all?

Hi all readers,

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