Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Newspaper Lian He Wan Bao tmr reporting

Hi, the reporter (tay) from Lian He Wan Bao has mentioned that he will be publishing Geylang Checker tmr evening. Please do grab hold of one copy.

Geylang Checker

Geylang Checker may appear in this july 14th Thursday (My Paper)

I just being informed by the journalist from My Paper (David) that Geylang Checker article containing on the things that i have never revealed before will be in the morning newspaper My Paper (Wo Bao) this coming Thursday 14th July 2011.

I think our team and myself will grab one copy in this thursday morning from the usual auntie or uncle distributing the Wo Bao.

Still fingers crossed , do not know whether what the journalist said is true...

Lets wait and see.

Singaporean Ladies, grab your copy of Wo Bao this thursday morning.

Interview Requests by Local Media

Lian He Wan Bao, Razor Videos and My Paper have got into contact with me for an interview.
I am thinking whether to let one of my team member goes into interview with them.
I will be risking the exposure of my team member.
I need to reconsider this seriously.

I have already replied My  Paper's journalist(David) most of the queries he posted to me. Those working with him, can get hold of him to get the insider information i never revealed before.

Geylang Checker