Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Complete Geylang Checker Whistleblower Forum Set up.

Hi Singaporean Ladies and Nice Singaporean Men, as per request from many , GC Team have set up a forum with our GWEs, GDEs and GHEs.
Together over here, we will provide a more holistic and complete solution towards Cheating Singaporean men to protect our Singaporean Ladies.

Our agenda over here is to provide a very strong support base for Singaporean Ladies against Cheating Hubbies/ BFs and represents the
whistle blower or watchdog against cheating Singaporean Men.

Please do support us through your active participation in the forum. We will still maintain this blogspot site as a main thrust towards Geylang.

Those who post positively frequently over this initiating period will be granted the role of "Moderators" , limited slots for these.

ps: Rest of GWEs, GDE, GHEs please quickly register as members to take control of your sub forum that already created to you.

Thank you

Geylang Checker


  1. Dear GC

    I always wondering why so many female (20s, 30s) who are either married or have bfs trying to prove when they are dressed sexily, perfumed, and well make-up... dont they aleady attached?
    Are they trying to tell other men that hey, look at me but sorry, you cant have the cake and eat it!

    You know what I am refering to?

    Are you able to explain from your perspective?

  2. Hi, Let me explain for the "Founder of GC"
    1- The woman want the man(bf/hubby) to have face.
    2- They dress up for the man(bf/hubby) to see.
    3- They don't want their man(bf/hubby)'s friends to say, why your gf/wife so ugly one?
    Lastly, they want their bf or hubby to see their body/face instead of anyone else.

  3. I think just as men want cake, the cake wants to looks nice, for various reasons like to stand out, to look pretty, to look nicer then other cakes, to make men want, to distract, etc. But normally the cake is a lie, or have many layers, not all of which you may like. This is why cheese cakes, though plain on the outside, are the most delicious.

  4. 嗨,GC的创办人。从你的blog中了解这是为了抓老公偷吃女人而开的。真的非常感谢你的用心。首先,我是一个有女朋友的男人。我从不叫鸡,也不偷吃,也许是很爱她吧。马马虎虎还可以说是个好男友。




  5. I think this website is a very serious breach of privacy and the result of a very very sick persons train of thought. Why don't you go to a shrink, get your issues sorted out and find a man who doesn't cheat instead of spying on other people, sicko! You are worse then the women you spy on. Very despicable!

  6. I guess u ladies or guys din realize some old n wrinkles cakes r moving around spore street as if they still think they r in their early 20s. Frankly speaking a beautiful cake may not guarantee sweet n tasty. N believe me,those geylang cakes r pretty n damn tasty. I mean in terms of the way they talk to us men n the way they handle us men. If u do not believe wat I said than u tink abt it n ask urself, how have I been treating my man?is it the same like we use to date for the first time or am I taking it for granted that my man will stay faithful to me no matter how I treat them?put urself in our shoes than u will see the full picture y prositution never dies off.

  7. Look ladies, head to the kitchen find a carrot or cucumber and shaft it up your vagina.

    You get more satisfaction by doing that....

  8. hope the founder can treat this place as neutral as possible. if the objective is to wreck other people family apart then should be shut down, but is use to help people in a way or another then it serve a gd purpose.

  9. I have never tried a Geylang cake before but I can tell you what's on the outside isn't that important. I had a seriously beautiful cake but her attitude really puts one off. Imagine waking up at 3am just because she suspects you having an affair and tries to pick a fight with you. I have dedicated all my time to her, never two timed, never ever went clubbing in my almost 30 years yet I get accused. The most absurd is she dreamt that I was with another woman who only exists in her dreams!!

    Over some sit down dinner, it's just my nature to help others by dishing some food to their plate when it's out of their reach, but she took it so seriously. Even when it was to her brother's g/f. She told me never to do it again but sometimes you just forget because you just want to help out of goodwill yet we get quarrels over it.

    Sure, she was really pretty and her pictures in my office attracts a lot of attention from anyone who sees it. But could a man stand this kind of behavior for life? I lost my friends coz I could never meet up with them without her. Even my company functions, she got to spy on me. Mind you, these are just conducted at normal function rooms at hotels, never at those KTVs.

    The level of possessiveness was overwhelming. What can really last is the personality, not your packaging. Sure, you have someone beautiful at home who is an envy to many, but would you want to go back to a home like this? I feel a lot better just staying at the office to do work or even just relax there.

  10. May be there is a reason to make this site but I think it will not serve the purpose. Geylang lors are only for the less well off people. there are so many places that it is not possible to cover. The Karaoke, night club, website, massage business and chat room. Those places are more vibrant and higher chance that you will not get the 'innocent'. Go for those places instead of the Geylang street.
    There might be some old single or widower who just want to pay for sex but do not have the money to go to nightclub. I am not support that but they are not cheating others. Why want to disgrace them? I think you are being selfish to compromise others privacy and disgrace others unnecessarily.

  11. I'm surprised that you're still with her. Dump that paranoid woman...!

  12. Found lost to a CHICKEN.. tats u this blog came about... wahahah.. so strange

  13. i think it's all about balance. Sometimes, you can't blame the guy for looking outside the marriage or partnership. It takes 2 hands to clap and that is so true in a marriage.

    Anyway, this is a great initiative. It's things in perspective for both men and women. I can't that many blokes are gonna love this, but it might also wake many ladies up when they see that their guy is seeking pleasure elsewhere.

    So let's see how this turns out.

  14. At times, men get over processive as well especially if they hv a dynamic n attractive gf or wife.
    Men with low self esteem refuses to allow their other half to go out attending functions even if it is just work related.
    They lOoked at all her friends profile in fb thinking all are interested.

    So u tell me what's wrong with men when they want an attractive object yet they feel threatened!?