Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did we catch the right guys?

Hi , a lot of people including reporters has
been asking us whether are we catching the
WRONG people?
This question is easily answered by the confluence factors of Probability and the Knowledge of Wife/GF themselves.

Please see the page on " Did we catch the right guys" for the full details.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve

Its have been always a tactic that husband and boyfriends used to cheat on wives and gfs : They will said that on Chinese New Year eve 's company operating hour is not half day , they will say they only able to leave around 4pm or 5pm  but in fact the company already released them around 12pm or 1pm.  This will create a window gap that they could rush down to Geylang for their fun.

Hence, with this psychology of SG men in mind, we sent down Team A down yesterday afternoon around 130pm to do our patrolling. Here are the pictures:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mysterious Hole

Hi, my team found out that there have been quite a number of people visiting this "Hole" , now will take down the snap shots first:

Its a mystery that guys keep going in and out of this hole. This hole is situated below darlene hotel.
Looks creepy here, that why my team do not dare to go in further. Next time, i will ask my team A to go down as they are more trained although are girls too, they are better off!

31st Jan 2011 shots

Hi , after a period of preparation, Geylang Checker is back.

Yesterday we sent our team down at 3:00pm. Here are the photos:

More will be coming as our internal team is preparing the photographs.