Saturday, July 9, 2011

Master Plan for Year 2011

Hi all comrades, recently, we, the Geylang Checkers, have an internal meeting to provide more services for the ladies in Singapore.

  • We will be recruiting more female Geylang Checkers to inspect the streets of Geylang to take pictures of any potential men.
  • We will be also recruiting MALE Consultants to understand the deepest mind of cheating men. For those interested to be a volunteer, please email to
  • [Killer thread]We will be providing a thread on the topic of the secrets ways that men cheats in Singapore context so that you ladies out there can monitor your men for the subtle signals for an impending cheating affair to happen.
We hope that the ladies out there can stand up for themselves. Please support us in our doings.

Founder, Geylang Checker