GDE Hub - Hiding Places for Cars

Over here will list out the location where your bf or hubbies will probably park their cars to avoid suspicion when going geylang.

Hiding Place 1

Above carpark is the usual spot whereby guys, bfs, hubbies normally will hide their cars at this multi-storey carpark to avoid detection. Because its too risky to park the cars in the geylang lorongs. So ladies and wives, please check your hubbies, bf 's cars at this carpark.

Hiding Place 2

 This stretch of parallel parking roads are also favorite places for hubbies, bfs, male colleagues to park their car over here. Why? The reason is this place is much more secular BUT its in the middle of Geylang, have the best of both worlds. Its easier to ESCAPE to guilemard road fast enough incase wives or gfs spotted them.