Monday, July 25, 2011

Gloomy Monday Morning

Having done some recces in the weekends with the GC Team, we felt worn out  and tired.
Today, is a big challenge to get up from my bed for work.  Having sitting in the trains towards my work place, i beginning to wonder should we send out one team down now?

But i am also worry of the publicity of the site, there could be guys waiting for us there.
Recently, i received an email stating that a guy has managed to found us and he even know where am i working at. This really stirs up a bit of fear in me.

In the afternoon lunch just now at Wendy with my colleagues, the married male colleagues all are very hostile towards GC Founder whom they do not know is me. They mentioned that nowadays their wives become very smart and educated in this area of field. Seems like Singaporean Ladies finally is rising up against unfair treatment..I felt so glad on this .