Monday, January 27, 2014

Repent from masturbation ,pornography ,adultery ,whore, prostitutes

To repent and cleanse off evil karma from evil sex acts(masturbation, pornography viewing, adultery , visit prostitutes) 

Recite "OM MANI PADME HUM" as many times as possible with a repent heart everyday and dont commit the acts again

View Pornography results in bad luck, wealth and career

This is a true case :
After ten years of viewing pornography on the web, at first, i thought its nothing as i am not doing anything harmful to another person.
BUT, this viewing of porno actually leads us deeper into a big trouble awaiting for us.
In order for the big trouble to come, the "evil" will lead us slowly and deeper into the abyss , at first you will find gratifications but its short term.

It will lead us to visit prostitutions and eventually cheating on girls to get the same gratifications from masturbation while viewing pornography.

Eventual circumstances is that your luck, wealth, career and wealth will be gone, resulted in big debts and eventual serious harm to your loved ones.

The evil thing will lead us into a terrible state / story that starts from porno viewing on web.

Stay away from pornography from today! Dont masturbate.