Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shocking Nightshot Photo

Another category of girl that Singaporean men going for. Night shot photo. Know your enemies well , ladies of Singapore.

Photo taken : Talma Road (near lorong 12)

Male Consultants Role Classifications

Hi, due to overwhelming Male Consultants enrolment. We have decided to classify the roles as follow with the JD (Job Description):

  • Geylang Domain Expert (GDE)
    • A person whom have vast experiences with the sex trade in Geylang
    • Know the streets layout of Geylang in and out
    • Know where are the different nationalities of girls found in Geylang
  • Guerrilla Warfare Expert (GWE)
    • A person whom have vast experiences with guerrilla operation
    • Strong in decoy deployment
    • Strong in escape route planning
    • Strong in defensive warfare
  •  Guys Heart Expert (GHE)
    • Knows the cheating mentality of Singaporean guys well
    • Can be a cheater himself but willing to repent
    • Share all the tricks for cheating
    • Share counter actions for cheating
    • Share signs of cheating of men
    • Reveal the secrets thinking of men
    • Strong pyschology understanding of men
Please do email for enrolment. Please specify the single role or multiple roles that you can take up.