Monday, June 27, 2011

Recruitment Phase for Female Geylang Checkers

Hi All, Geylang Checker is currently going on for a recruitment for female geylang checkers.

  • Female
  • Daring
  • Able to remain calm during situations of confrontations
  • Has a natural ability to take photo shoots or video without people noticing
  • Willingness and Passion 
  • Day shift and Night shift
Currently our team is expanding hence we need more people, for those who are interested for this good cause. Please send your interest and particulars with a recent photo as a proof that you are female to Males are not entertained!

Thank you.
Geylang Checker Founder. 


  1. Singapore girls are very cocky. A lot of guys in Singapore cannot even find a girlfriend to chat with. They need a place like this for release...Guys go for NS,and waste their time. Girls are getting richer and they look down on the guys,,, It is good that their husband cheat on them as they are picky to choose the best husband who also is smart enough to cheat on them.. It is called retribution if your husband cheat on you...

  2. It is an irony in society. SIngapore honest men are looked down by their female counterpart whereas the so called superior guys who have a girlfriend tend to cheat on their wifes...Poor Singapore men...

  3. Requirements:

    * Female
    Dohz...Female will attract more attention in geylang.
    * Daring
    Can a lion heart fight a sexually motivated person?
    * Able to remain calm during situations of confrontations
    Most of the house are connected, you may face 1 persson but 5 secs later... its 10 or more...
    * Has a natural ability to take photo shoots or video without people noticing
    heard of anti-camera device? or those that can detect one? anyway, its very hard especially of your requirement (1)
    * Willingness and Passion
    ..for?? to sacrifice if necessary??
    * Day shift and Night shift
    earliest house opened at 12.30... latest can closed at 2.30am... anyway... there are those streetwalkers at anywhere, everywhere till the wee hours. there are some freelances that operate outside geylang... please plan your area wider instead of time...

    between... can you check our local toilets in the MRT, shopping center and gay theme health centre... men may just look for the same species too.. these men are more dangerously than men roaming in geylang...


  5. Life is about happiness and not regrets. Let go and move on...

  6. It is obvious that something is wrong with the relationship. It either the men don't get what they want or the wife makes no time for the men. It doesn't make sense as why men are more sexually impulse than women simply because our organs are outside? Well wife does cheat on husband too. At the end of the day, humans are just mammals and subjected to cycles. Learn to let go and life is simply to live on. Enjoyed life fully as it's only about 30-40yrs primetime.

  7. Males are not entertained?!? Well it seem nowadays SG gals are so cocky that that they don't even realised their own mistakes

    Anyway goodluck

  8. LOL? Looks at those comments posted by obviously 'Forever Alone' guy.

    I can ensure alot of guys in sg can find a gf unlike you sir, who are unable to find a partner. Maybe you should look at the mirror. I dont want to say this, but you are a Loser. Complain sg girls are cocky just make you seems.. sadder.

    Anyway goodluck, you need alot.

  9. whoever wanna do fl at the same time may apply izzit

  10. All the sour grapes guys are obviously guilty that's why they post such comments to cover up their unfaithfulness n dishonestly.
    Crap guys really

  11. While men cheated on girls, girls cheated on men too.

    While girls are angry over cheating men, men are also angry over cheating girls.

    These statements are undeniably true in today's context.

    While even numbered lorongs are legalised by government for prostituting, they should also legalised all odd numbered lorongs for gigoloing.

    If all these are social problems, I suggest all wonderful freelance writers (be it males or females), why not write to our government not to legalise any lorongs in geylang for any prostitution or gigoloism??

    Just like...why IR then more helplines needed to resolve loan sharks issues???

    Happy ending!!! :)

  12. Few things to comment:

    1. Maybe, just maybe sg women sucks ass
    2. SG women thinks too highly of themselves
    3. Why would guys spend few thousands of dollars on SG women just to impress them when they can just go geylang and pay $50-150 and fuck em
    4. If SG had a geylang for women, would it had been any different?
    5. If there are unfaithful husbands ard, think of the reason why they are unfaithful.
    6. If you're so worried that your husbands will fuck ard, Divorce them, stay single.

  13. gaylang cheaker wow! which lorong has japanese girls ?