GHE Hub - Cheating Hearts/Signs of SG Men

This page is dedicated to expose the cheating signs of Singaporean Men. It will be categorised, scenario based and full of real practical life examples. The defacto symbolism of cheating in Singapore:


We will explain all these in Singapore context using multi-facet and multi-dimensional approach:

Phase Categories:
Starting Phase (before all the cheating begins, what is the signals u should look out?)
Planning Phase(when you notice that he is making a change or purchasing new things, this is planning....)
Executing Phase(this is the time when your man is becoming one with another woman...)

Specific Domain Categories
  • Spending and expenses
  • Telephone Bills
  • Loss of contact
  • Iphone secret functions
  • Attitude of men
  • When in bed with you
  • Dressing sense
  • Sudden increase of meetings with friends
  • Car usage if shared car
  • Car size
  • Toilet duration
  • Office lunch break
  • Overseas assignment
  • Loss of beauty sense for wife, gf
  • Geylang Checker photos
  • Hostility to Geylang Checker
  • More excuses that are descriptive
  • Smell of your Men when they came back
  • Sperm quantity(this is subjective also, benefit of doubt can be given)
  • Hardness of Manhood (this is subjective, maybe he is working late and tired, benefit of doubt can be given)
  • SMS and Email 's Sent Boxes
  • Online History Cookies
  • Strange/Dubdious Contacts Saved in Hubby's phone
All above categories will be explained in detail full page posting. Please watch out for it.