Sunday, July 17, 2011

Did we malign Singaporean guys?

On this sunny afternoon , GC held a meeting at Vivocity skygarden.
We are looking through all the comments to GC through our iPhones and iPads.
Maybe I am now a bit paranoid. A bit weak and unstable in my stance, I seems to notice a group of guys staring at us and making funny comments. I was thinking "did they suspect us as the GC"?

Anyway, back to the topic of the post, we refined our stance of the website to make it less disturbing for the residents and passerby of Geylang.
The new refinement will be" anybody caught in our pictures will be given the benefit of doubts. We will not associate them to evil-doings. In this case, we are just Geylang streets monitor just like cameras installed at the corners of the streets.

So to reemphasize , Singaporean guys, if your photos are published, Do not worry , we will only associate you with walking down the Geylang streets at that point of time.

No worries. Guys. :)


  1. May I ask what is the main purpose of the site? Have it serve its purpose or had done more harm then it intended to?

    I don't agree on a party bring unfaithful or cheating on the other party like you guys do. But let me share of my observation I know of in the real world.

    - Cheating men and women are bad.

    This I have to admit its 100% true. No one wants a cheating partner however there are cases where no cheating is done but suspicious thoughts of the other party might have cause more problems.

    An example, (Boyfriend A, Girlfriend A) girlfriend A's female friend asked the boyfriend A to help bring her to find and buy a specific item which she wanted since its Boyfriend A who recommended it and only specific shop do sell them. Out of goodwill, Boyfriend A agrees. But due to jealous and suspicious nature of Girlfriend A, she feels they are in some kind of relationship and keep arguing about boyfriend A being not faithful. In this situation, it could be the end of a perfectly loving relationship.

    In a nutshell, when pictures which does not warrants the party acts of infidelity might have cause a break up of a relationship due to lost of trust to the other party by misunderstanding.

    - No man is perfect.

    No individual is perfect, neither man or women. I suppose you have seen man who cheated and women who cheated at some point of time, after marriage they seems like a different person, a wonderful loving other half. Its all part of a growing up process, people are always curious about things, wanting more in life. Some may went thru the wrong path but that is part and parcel of life.

    Point I am bringing forth is, visiting Geylang may be a bad thing, but you would rather have them visit Geylang then having them find freelance/unlicensed prostitutes. Licensed prostitutes are registered with the government body and are required to have health check done regularly. You don't want them to bring home some STD and pass it to you. Random photo taking defer some to go Geylang for such services but that doesn't mean they don't have other sources for it.

    (part 1 of 2)

  2. - Not knowing is better than knowing the truth.

    Have you ever being keep at a distance from friends after you told them the ugly truth about them. I have seen guys who are great father to their children, good husband to their wife. A normal loving family, however the guys sometimes have needs. Reasons differ person to person, they sometimes went to prostitutes or even an oversea trip to have social escorts for the trip. (Most common reason I got is, they want to have the girlfriend feeling, loving touch and feeling of being appreciated from the other party) Back at home, they are still the loving man the wife knows of. Women are not dumb, they are smarter than what some guys think. They know about such act, but they just close one eye, cause end of it all they have an happy loving family rather than a broken one. For entertainment, an interesting movies I recently watch about it on this, 猛男滚死队.

    Lastly I come back to the first questions I asked, what is the main purpose of the site? Have it serve its purpose or had done more harm then it intended to?

    What are the chances you took of the men who appear at geylang are really there for such services not here for supper or some other intentions (back to first point) and have a wife or girlfriend who happened to see the post of the picture of her other half. My guess the chances are very low, if they are really suspicious, they are better of hiring a P.I. as detailed work are done and presented to the wife, there will be no misunderstanding and evidences can be used in court to protect the wife.

    Your girls out there taking the pictures are at risk of one day being attack by the people in charge of the services. I personally seen a man being attack by another there, he was bleeding, no one came to help, no police. After the beating, the man walking limping away with blood on his face helplessly. Imagine it could happen to one of you girls.

    Rather than taking the risk going do such unthankful task, why not think of ways to keep your man's heart. Most men like younger, pretty women, that's the ugly truth. But that doesn't mean they will choose a younger, prettier women as their lifelong partner. They see more than that, they also see the lady inner beauty and character as a whole. If the guy only looks at the external beauty, he is just immature, not worth you girls attention.

    My word of advice, keep yourself safe and find yourself a loving partner for life. A good partner takes time and effort to find. After finding, it takes more time and effort to understand each other. Its a lifelong partner we are talking about.

    (Part 2 of 2)

  3. Ignorant. Haven you lived and worked long enough to know perception is everything. The association has been made. Just becuz u now say it is to change doesn't mean it changes.

    How on earth did u get into the big 5. God have mercy on us.

  4. What exactly do you mean by "So to reemphasize , Singaporean guys, if your photos are published, Do not worry , we will only associate you with walking down the Geylang streets at that point of time."?

    EVERYONE MAKES THEIR OWN OPINIONS. What happens if my picture is taken and published as I innocently walk by, or had to park my car in one of these Lorongs? Will you be able to tell EVERYBODY who recognizes me in the picture that I am innocent?

    In my opinion, you have your own demons to deal with. But, by doing what you are doing on this blog, you are SERIOUSLY on a VERY DESTRUCTIVE PATH for the innocent passers by, and worse of all... for yourself! Please get yourself, some professional help!

  5. LMAO! my comment, needs your approval while my picture can be posted onto your site without my consent? Please do expect a defamation lawsuit from one of your unsuspecting and innocent victims, one of these days...! =) get a life!

  6. I take picture of you, put it up on some hooker advertising website, then say, no worries girls, having the picture on the advertising site doesn't mean you are really into prostitution. How would you feel..?

  7. Can I put your picture on the front page of a porn site and tell you it's ok because i will put a disclaimer saying you are not an actress and have no dealings with any adult film?

  8. my first post was not approved or maybe not approved yet so i guess i'll post again.

    my question to you was: Would u like it if i put your picture on a porn site, even if i declare that you are not a porn actress but i just happen to like that picture?

    or to be more direct, say if i were to have a blog displaying pictures of street walkers/prostitures in geylang then i snap a picture of u and post it on my page, then after your friends, colleagues, family saw that picture but i tell u no worries because i later "associate you with walking down the Geylang streets at that point of time" are you fine with it?

    i need to hear you view on this

  9. maglin should be malign

  10. i have 2 posts here that are not approved. please kindly approve them else it would be a sign of cowardice. ironically if u do approve them then u prob cant answer the questions i posted. so either way your fantastic idea is a failure.