Saturday, July 16, 2011

Should I Stop?

Ever since this website was reported by the media, I begun to get many Singaporean men's emails. A lot of people given advices to me on how to run this GC better and provide more protection and safety for my team. Really grateful for the helps . But a majority of the Singaporean men keep asking me to close down this site because they think I should move on.

On this windy Saturday afternoon at marina cove alone, I am thinking right now....Should I close off this site? Maybe what the guys said in the email were correct- Singaporean men are generally honest and most of them don't cheat.Maybe is me , not doing enough for my bf that why he swayed , maybe it's not his fault....

Singaporean ladies, should I or should I not ? Please advice me..


  1. Finally!! You have awaken. Close down this website. Singaporean men are gentlemen and faithful lots. Believe them one them one more time. Quick !!Singaporean guys, convince her now!

  2. Singaporean guys are good , they are the pathetic ones always bullied by Sg ladies, It's the Singaporean ladies that probably learnt from their mum to treat us as DOGs!!!! Nb!!!!!

    Close this website!! Singaporean men do not need to be monitored !! We are good men!!!

  3. i admire you for your courage, i would have been afraid of being exposed and make myself public enemy with the gangsters etc if i were you.

    Then again if you are still so sore after so many years from the failed relationship. i can understand that you have nothing left to lose anyway.

  4. I think you should continue. Im a guy and thru your help, I spotted my boyfriend in one of the photos. HE told me he is straight. Straightly loving me only. I cannot accept a bi-sexual as my boyfriend.

    Once again, thank you for the photos. Like you, I delete his contact number and ask him to FO from my site. Now im happily with another new boyfriend.

  5. Are you sure you are really helping others or just wan to feel that you are not the only victim? There are many ways of helping the needy. I really feel that what you do is just to revenge and make youself feel better.... Just move on, there are many other things in life worth your time. What you need to do is to pick yourself up, find a man that cheries your love. Move on and you will be a happier person rather than catching other people's bf and see families break up becos of your hurtful past...think about it....Are you helping others or destroying others family??? Just a thin line....

  6. Don't close down! This site acts as a deterrent for cheating men as anyone who decides to betray their partner's trust deserve to be called out.

    This is not saying that all Singaporean men are cheaters, after all theres good and bad in everything. I have met many men who are extremely loving and faithful, however I also have met some cheaters who go unnoticed and it hurts me to see this, as not only my friends, but my own mom has been a victim of cheating spouses so this issue has also affected me.

    Discovering that your partner is cheating on you may be hurtful, but at least if the girl finds out about this behavior sooner, then everyone can move on with their lives and not be ignorant of this situation.

    Thank you Angie for setting up this website. At least women can now have a peace of mind from not seeing their SOs here, or if they do, fix or end their relationship before it goes haywire.

  7. Personally, I don't really care if you shut it down or not. I'm not a Singaporean, but as a man, I do believe that Singaporean man should be treated with more respect. Remember, one black sheep or even few black sheeps do not represent every man.
    Just because yr BF cheated you, doesn't mean you have every right to set up this site and shame Singaporean men. It is totally not justified at all. You should move on. Unless you seeking for attention, of course!!

  8. yes, pls close this website, u r not doin anyone good to yrself and others.. by breaking up other ppl's relationship or marriage..
    if u insist on maintaining this website, pls also hv a link for cheating wife/gf as i believe u r not aware that there r pubs in Sin for ladies to waste lots of $$ on foriegn young man just to hv fun & hv sex..
    whatever happened.. life goes on, just let go and look forward.. u'll be happier..

  9. you are so pathetic..

  10. Notice the one who attack you are males ?

  11. you know you should take pictures of those who take tiger airways to macau. Budget airlines is so cheap nowadays.

  12. I think you are walking in a dangerous area. Your site purports to link the men in the photos (as well as car numbers) to vice. You do not show any proof other than their presence in a public area. Should any man suffer loss of employment, reputation etc from materials reported in your site I believe there are a number of civil actions that could be levelled against you including slander etc. Good luck with this but perhaps you shuld seek legal advice on any potential liability

  13. To continue, you and your group should be applaud for your bravery and sacrificed tasks.

    Those males who criticize her should look into the mirror and ask yourself, " Do I feel guilty
    deep inside after having sex with prostitutes? " if yes, you should stop NOW; if not, then asked yourself what if your partner did the same to you ? How would you feel ?

  14. Hi,

    I would like to encourage you to continue to keep this site alive. I admire your courage. Men generally tend to stray, even the so-called good ones. I am speaking from experience and observation. You are not to be blamed for your bf's don't blame yourself, ok. One thing I am concerned about is this: Are there legal implications for taking photos and putting them on this site without the knowledge of the parties concerned? I am not sure but I am just thinking aloud here. Keep up your good work, gal.:)

  15. lead your own live, enjoy your single hood, don't get dishearten just because of a cheating boyfriend..
    boys and girls can cheat anyehere, be it in office, discos, pubs, functions, dinners etc..
    don't ruin other families, some might just go there for other reasons..
    this site will give more harms to families, not helping them, some families might have young kids..
    closure of the site will be better, i think..

  16. One of the common reasons that a hubby will reply is " My partner does not have sex with me as in the past (before marriage ); hence, as wife, she has not fulfill her duties. "

    Another common explanation a boyfriend or hubby is that " even having too much of the same thing (ie. same sex with the same partner ), one will feel bored and will look for some thing new. ( ie. prostitution ). "

    Girls, what are your opinions on the above ?

  17. For people who questioned male cheaters i wonder whether they read news on the net or maybe they chose to conveniently ignore?

  18. Firstly, you have done a good service to the community. However, now that your site and free severe is exposed to everyone... I think it's time for you and your team of "Yang Men Nu Jiang" to keep a low profile. Otherwise, someday might happen one day... especially if one of your "elite warrior" is caught the man for taking his photo.

    Secondly, not all men look for "KFC Chickens". There are still gentlemen around. Likewise, not all married ladies are saints... maybe you should include unfaithful married ladies into your category. Wow (on second thought), you should register your business.... I bet you will earn huge bucks.

    Thirdly, you are forgetting places like orchard towers, all singapore carparks and hotels and others... Hence with your current "yang men nu jiangs", it's still not effective. You should start placing recruitment advertisements online.

    Forth, I understand your ex-bf cheated on you. However, is is really necessary for you to set up a blog???? By doing so, you are just out to destory other peoples marriage. You are mature enough to think... I bet everyone has flings in their life (including your friends, family etc)... maybe you should start a blog on your friends first? Why? Because I believe surely you will know someone who is doing so, but you just don't want to expose him/her. Right?

  19. I am a female , and I think what you are doing in freaking wrong. Just mind your own business and live on.

  20. The cause of a breakup in a relationship or marriage usually starts from a crack in the relationship. e.g.
    1. communication between couples is getting lesser due to busy work schedules
    2. arguments/quarrels on issues with both sides not coming up with a solution, will keep repeating causing stress on both sides
    3. both sides want to 'win' in an argument without accepting the other party's opinion
    4. etc.

    If the problem continues, the relationship will be strained and the emotional and sexual needs will be affected. Thus, leading to straying, breakup or divorce.
    Being Asians (due to 'face' issue), most will tend to choose straying to satisfy one's emotional and sexual needs and trying to keep the relationship rather than choosing the breakup/divorce way.
    Unfortunately, prostitutes are offering such 'ad-hoc' support, some friends/colleagues are offering 'temporary' support (leading to affairs).

    The blogger is trying to fix the issue by exposing men who visits prostitutes or go to geylang, probably to vent her emotional hurt and trying to help other women.
    But in reality, this will not solve the problem as being humans, we will always think of ways and means to achieve what we want. They might go
    elsewhere instead of Geylang, or maybe travel to Batam or Johor instead. Prostitution has been around for hundreds of years and they will not dissappear anytime soon.

    I suggest the blogger be more proactive by setting up a blog to help fix the 'cause' rather than trying to fix the 'effect'.
    You cannot stop a hungry person from stealing by putting CCTV, impose heavy fines, etc.
    You should instead find ways so that he/she wont go hungry e.g. finding work for him/her, etc.
    I'm sure you will get more support this way.


  21. I think we should report to Inland Revenue Authority that you are collecting donation without permit and license.
    You should understand the rationale behind why Geylang was neither legal nor illegal. The problem you have not understand your own problem with your boyfriend and want to make all men's lives difficult. First you need to consult a psychic and an urologist why man are like that.
    Do you know man has strong male hormone you need to remove that hormone. You must then ask why your problem and you make other man suffers. You must talk to you BF why he needs sex did you satisfy him. Anyway if you want you BF to be with you all the time you know what love and make love is if you don't understand then learn. That is their privacy why you intrude into their privacy. Do you know you are intruding in other people's privacy. I don't think any lawyers would want to join you scheme!!!

  22. It should be 'Please advise me'.

    Advice is a noun whereas advise is a verb.

  23. Please continue your work. The better males out there need less competition which you have helped to weed out! Great job in doing your NS duty! Have a great Sunday!

  24. Sad thing that you have started.
    Only a few black sheep and you condamn all men.
    But what to do?
    Men not bad, women don't like.
    So if you like bad men, expect to be hurt. That's life. It's not men's fault that women like bad men.
    If you really want to find a good man who don't cheat on you, don't complaint that he is boring,not handsome, not tall or any other stupid reason you women can think of.
    Open your eyes, it's not that there is no good men. It's just that honest good guys are unable to cheat, bluff and sweet talk you to sweep you off your feet.
    Unless you can accept that fact, no way you can ever you "dream" man.
    No one is perfect in the real life. Accept that and you will be able to move on.
    Hope you can find a new guy soon and move on with your life.

  25. Hi

    I am just wondering though: Does your website expose female culprits? After all, it is not just the males who are indulging in sexual favors. How about exposing the women and their gigolos for a change?

    Just a thought.....

  26. if u r happy doing it and all the blurqueen sisters benefit n enlightened fr it, u should continue. guys should treat their gfs with respect. if he goes around bonking whores, then what's his gf to him? another whore? bad bad boy!!
    yes, u should continue doing it! good guys should be differentiated from the bad ones and whores should be equally differentiated fr decent girlfriends or wives.

  27. Don't close down the website. The truth is, a lot of guys are afraid of getting caught. Ignore the negative comments, and don't be affected especially by the personal attacks.

    Be brave, be courageous, take heart... and be confident in the cause of Geylang Checker.

  28. Do u dare to say women don't cheat on their spouse ? This world is fair . Dun just blamed on men . If u can satisfied him , he won't cheat .

  29. please close down the website . u think they cant track you . the internet got ip address when u create the blogger and when you send and recived u think cant track you meh..... with the ip address can track you lei... maybe they dont wan to expose you.

  30. Believe in yourself and your goals in life. It is the age of internet, if yours is a good cause, why let go?

    Even though i may be caught by you or your group in the future, I am ok with it as I am single. I do not want to harm any ladies by raping them, I am not into fuck buddy as I do not know ladies to maintain one such relationship. So i see geylang as a place for biological needs in the near future in my case.

  31. Hey actually this could be considered an invasion of privacy and a civil suit could be filed. Any men "caught" by GCs? Would you like to file a class action suit against GC? Or those accidentally caught and was slandered? If you guys are willing, i could help you file one against the founder but of course for the fruits of my labor i would ask for a chunk of the monetary compensation born from the suit. Interested parties do let me know, Will check back on this

  32. I wonder what is the true motive of GC? To prevent men from cheating on their other half? Specifically in Geylang? Not other places? I hope you do understand that there are many, many other places where one can procure the same type of service Geylang provides so it kinda defeat the purpose (although you might consider a sister site like Joo Chiat Checker).

    Why specifically Geylang? If your ex-bf was found in Changi Village procuring such services...would you have named it Changi Village Checker? KTV lounges, clubs/pubs, massage parlors, social escorts, office affairs, overseas "pleasure trips" or "business trips", maids, that cute neighbour next door, ex-gfs or ex-wifes...etc... Could you catch or film them all?

    Men will always have their desires and needs, same like women. Women cheat just as men does except they are more discreet and careful to hide. If you think men are evil because they cheat on you, then what can we say about women who cheat on their boyfriends or husbands? I believe it is fairer to say that both men and women are equally capable of cheating.

    How about those single men who have neither spouse or girlfriends? Even though you might argue that they shouldn't be worried since they aren't cheating but wouldn't they be embarrassed when a family member, relative, friend, colleague or even their neighbour recognise them from the pictures despite your efforts at blurring out the face? And if you argue that they should be ashamed of themselves for procuring such services (which I hope not), then I can only say your view is pretty "self-centered" and myopic.

    You are also probably aware of reports of Google Earth being sued by people for infringing their privacy, do you think you might one day face the same issue? How different is Google Earth different from Geylang Checker? Both take photos of places and people without permission and with the risk of infringing people's privacy. Perhaps the only difference is that Google Earth does not intentionally infringe on people's privacy but GC made that it's main purpose?

    Even though your intentions are noble (to protect other women), the methods you employed are frankly overboard. You have put up a blog post with a list of signs and symptoms of a "cheating man", perhaps you might want to pursue that route and set up seminars to share with other women your experiences and knowledge on how to spot such "evil men". Runs less physical, legal and financial risks compared to your current method which I find is similar to fishing with a stick, catching little or no fish in the end but stirring up a lot of mud.

  33. Hi Ms Angie,

    Sorry to hear about your story, its really great that you all are trying to help females to prevent been cheated. However in this case, not only woman get cheated, but guys too. I too have bad experience.

    I support your blog despite I'm a male as I don't support cheating behind their loves one. I hope that in Singapore, especially those in relationship and bind by the love of rings would not do anything unfaithful. The one who suffer most probably is the children.

    I had seen the photos, however it doesn't seems so clear, but those that are on this, please do take care and don't got caught. I'm really worried about the threats those offenders said, if possible I hope more police will patrol more to protect the volunteers.

    Try to take photos in crowded places and try not to venture into those dark streets while trying to take photos unless there are more people around.

    Keep it up!

    To those unfaithful one that is watching this. Please think for your children and karma. Put yourself in the shoes of your loves one.

  34. And for the first comment of this article

    As quotes----
    Anonymous said...
    Finally!! You have awaken. Close down this website. Singaporean men are gentlemen and faithful lots. Believe them one them one more time. Quick !!Singaporean guys, convince her now!

    July 16, 2011 5:30 PM

    Sorry bro, your making a fool out of yourself. It make it seems like men wants this site to close down because they dont want their secrets to be exposed... -_-

  35. ---As quoted-----
    Anonymous said...

    Don't close down the website. The truth is, a lot of guys are afraid of getting caught. Ignore the negative comments, and don't be affected especially by the personal attacks.

    Be brave, be courageous, take heart... and be confident in the cause of Geylang Checker.
    July 17, 2011 11:52 AM

    You really need to put yourself in others shoe instead of just siding people of the same gender as you. Because how I feel with what your doing is like your grouping man as a total species of animal, and doesn't need to care for alot. In your mind you only protect and acknowledge ladies.
    To make it sound bad, your like a gay who hates dicks because apparently you had a bad childhood from ur sucky angry father.
    All you had been thinking, oh know, what if the girl got cheated by the guy? Oh dea, i so pity the girl, the boyfriend dumped him! But can you even put yourself in a male shoe for at least 1 scenerio? The site took photo of random man walking on the streets and label them cheaters, somewhat indirectly. (Yes they still seems like it even if you dont say it out directly)
    Can you bloody imagine how would you feel when some guy start up slut checker, take photo of random ladies on the street, put up on their blog, then call you slut finder, finding ang mo to dig their wallet?

    Yes I sympathised founder, whose boyfriend apparently cheated on him for some chicken. But she needs to get over it, move on, and if she have so much extra time, she can learn to work out on the reason why the relationship failed, (e.g bad pick, should had understand him more before dating)
    instead of spending time stalking pimps and breaking down their not very moral business, butting into other's people relationship and breaking them up.
    Because even though prostitution is not very moral, it doesn't harm people. Even if those people who finds hooker(not cheater) does things that are not very moral, its not illegal or harm anybody else well. In fact they decrease rape crimes. You dont have to embarass them just because you happened to study psychology and know they will be embarrassed if found out..

    I'm sorry but thats what I think. This site is sexism abusing the fact that anti-sexism only goes one way and not the other gender. If you want to expose cheaters. Then dont drag other men not involved in, in any way, any small small way like taking the innoncent pictures. And no, even though you say its just a picture off a naturalist. Its still offending imo. I know many guy gonna disagree with me, because imo, you all just want to pretend to be gentleman and act like a ladies' man. Hence you do this pretend you support whatever they does and set up woman charter, but in truth, can you think abit more like your real innerself and for man who doesn't have the same belief as you.

    BTW, one recommmendation I have for you sg girls is to work on your attitude to sex instead of mere activity to put up with men. Even if you have no sexual attraction to the men because you are with him for his status, can you at least pretend you really love and lust for his body and enjoy sex, instead of treating of something to put up with ur husband, men like you wants their body to be loved after all. I think thats where chicken are good at, they are good at pretending. You may think a horny woman only makes you looks like a slut, but how is it a slut when you only do it/show the side of you to your husband? Anyway, this is the only recommendation, theres still many many methods to improve your relationship because sex is only a small part of relationship. I hope you have a goal now at least instead of taking down every men who patronize geylang because of your freaking boyfriend, the root causes of this web.

  36. I've read some comments and found out there r some real bastards out there. Hope the bastards get stds or HIV from the whores. So many Thai whores have stds...

  37. you are a simply a piece of SHIT!!

  38. I just came to learn about this website thanks to the article in the Straits Time today. Please keep it on and dont close...

  39. It is not that u are not gd enuf. Guys juz get tired after a being in a rs for sometime, not matter how gd the gf is. Cont to do wad u think is morally correct.