Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IF we won 50 comments challenge...

Hi, today is a sunny Tuesday, i didn't join my colleagues for breakfast near Lau Pat Sa because maybe i am becoming more paranoid. Colleagues talked about GC again after local Shin Min Newspaper reported about the 50 Comments Challenge. One of the male colleagues seems to be suspecting me. It seems like i may not be as strong as what the general perception perceived of me.

The GC Team meet up again yesterday to talk about the plans of GC if 50 comments are not reached on Wed 2359hrs. We also talked about whether the current refinement in our stance  of the website towards "Naturist Approach" is a good way?  Something special out of this meeting is that we asked along our pioneer male volunteers to attend the meeting this time round- ranks of GDE(Geylang Domain Experts), GWE (Guerrilla Warfare Expert )and GHE(Guys Heart Expert), they are really nice guys :)

The most important conclusion will be that if we hit 50 comments and above, below actions will be carried out based on the quantity of the support :
  • >=50 comments  : Geylang Checker saved.
  • >=60 comments : Geylang Checker goes through major re-branding (secret, reveals after wed 2359hrs)
  •   >=70 comments : Immediate dispatches of a team down Geylang Streets - A new formation of GC Ground Checkers squad with male GWE and GDE accompany to protect the GC ladies
 Thank you.

Geylang Checker


  1. I challenged you to approve this. :D


    War has been declared. The very same modus operandi you used, we will used it back on your volunteers. Take a picture of every woman / every photographer in GL and post it on a blog. Since some one has already verified that it is not a crime to take pictures of people in public areas. Sooner or later your volunteers identity will be exposed.

  2. Geylang Checker, please carry on the good work thus far. If the guy wants to fool around, then they must face the risk of getting caught. This website could also help prevent the transmission of undesirable diseases back to their faithful partner. The criticisms and negative feedbacks you get totally justify the purpose of this website.

    Keep it going. You guys are awesome!

  3. Lets think out of the box. If Geylang is a legal entity AND NORMAL LIFESTYLE in Singapore, WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC? If Geylang is so normal as what those guys commented, it should be no different to streets of Orchard road when you have your photos taken by "Just for Laugh" or candid pictures.


    Keep up the good work , GC checkers.

  4. Girl grow up you have no idea what kinda place geylang is and what kinda people hang around there. You think your nice guys GDE and GWE can last 10 seconds if they get confronted by a mob? U know what you are doing could cost the business there to decline and who knows what the business owners there have in store for u. Perhaps they have their own team patrolling too. Then u put your experts to the test to their punches kicks maybe parang maybe metal rods. Good luck to you and your team you will need it.

  5. Hi, i need to reply since you mentioned about safety of my team. Many do not know the level of our camouflage taught by the GWE. We used "CHAFF" in our deployment. Last time, when our team member is chased is because we do not have a GWE, now we have two GWEs and 5 GDEs, its will be a combined force effort. What the GWEs told us , its a coordinated "Strike Package". Interesting term they used.

    Conclusion, safety is ensure.

  6. If you can use this blog to expose GF / wife cheaters as well, will females supporting GC be complaining? I wonder what will they say. This site is sexism abusing the fact that anti-sexism only goes one way and not the other gender.

  7. To GC, thank you for your honesty. Any good ideas and strategies shared is deeply appreciated. ;)

  8. Singapore men are dogs!!! Shame them all!

  9. it's so funny.. the threatening of parangs and watever.. if they are smart businessmen, they should realise that isn't it better if the guys were to be caught and hopefully be separate from their gf/wife? Then they can go patronise the geylang business more. It's a win-win situation.

  10. 50?? only. so easy to reach the target. If you think this blog really work, you will dare to challenge 5,000 instead.

  11. Dear GC

    Please mind your own business, while your effort is to uncover "cheating" men; the process will cause the family to break down leaving the innocent kids and also the wife suffering. You think the guy that get caught in the pic will simply turn over a new live?

    What about those who visits KTV, and carry out such activities (ex-geylang)? You are simply diverting men to look else-where and go underground - ie there are other places to seek sex. And worse, these are not controlled ....

    What about gals who engaged "the ducks"? Have you hear about it? So maybe a team for that too?

    How about those guys/gals partying at pub and ended up in parks/hotels (one night stand)?

    What about those office romances?

    Man / woman is simply another species in this world. As the male specie, it's natural for them to be attracted to females... (not trying to defend it but it is nature...)

  12. Hi , this is why we need to set up http://geylangchecker.freeforums.org
    to cover other areas to prevent cheating Singaporean men.

    Please register yourself in the forum.

  13. commenter of July 20, 12.07pm

    Man in pic might not turn over a new leaf, BUT, it's better to leave that man for good. (I'll explain later)

    For that(KTV/underground), it will be covered in the forum at a later stage.

    Gals who engage "ducks". I'm not sure as I'm just a normal on-looker but why get someone who specialize in wood go into steel? Like what I say before, if you think she should cover all of these, why not you start a new blog and start doing all these?

    Yes, it's nature. U can do that as long you are single, why go harm those harmless gf/wife who are at home waiting for you?

    Story time:
    & I came from a broken family, dad was a Geylang person. My mom tolerate and still allow him to **** her even thru he went geylang.

    After sometime, my younger brother was born and he decided to leave for good. DOESN'T wan to divorce as government will say he has to pay a certain money monthly. So my mom is also ok with it. Until today which is estimated 6 years, he did not give our family a single cent nor care for any of the members in my family BUT he's still considered married to my mum & he's still married with that woman from Geylang. WHAT'S WORSE, I have a half-blooded sister.

    This is the worse. I would never recognize him as my dad. Even his blood flows in me.

  14. Not every men who goes there cheat and not every men who cheats doesn't already have a cheating wife. Your so called service could be simply doing a big disservice. And your talk of

    "Many do not know the level of our camouflage taught by the GWE. We used "CHAFF" in our deployment"...

    Ehem you sound like children playing games... tsk tsk tsk

  15. I feel sad for you, u think u r doing a fave for womankind trust me you are just making this worst. Just cause your marriage screwed up you wanted to help others to screw up is it!

  16. You obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder. Far be it from me to tell you what to do with your time, but IMO you would be better served dealing with your inner emotions instead of running away from them with this stupid endeavor.

    Your blanket male stereotypes are naive and distinctly unhelpful. In the end, anyone worried about getting caught in geylang can go to other areas.How about starting a support group on how to nurture relationships, avoid dating losers, etc. You completely miss the heart of the issue.

  17. Hi Angie,

    Im writing this comment to help support your 50 comments challenge.

    Don't even close down this website even if the challenge fails. Actually, you had started this based on your free will and time.
    No one is forcing you to do all this so don't feel stress out with that much of negativity.

  18. What about those ugly / overweight / low self esteem / mental unstable / etc etc , who don't have a girlfriend or wife, who need to "release" , who don't want to go out molesting / raping , who don't want to be in a relationship just for the sake of sex , etc etc. How about that guy's dignity not to have his photo taken and publish and scrutinized in a country where everything is being scrutinized ?

  19. Pertaining to the smart businessmen post, I thInk more will be detered to go there since got paparazzi there than those who actually get caught and Get separated and hence can go anytime they want. Because single doesnt means one would like their picture publish GC..

    Also pertaining to safety, Each brothel send one guy chase you already enuff to Outnumber you 2 times And show you their expertise n combine effort ..I think you people too naive la go to people turf n play ...how much can u afford to lose? One arm? One leg? Grow up!

  20. Hi gal,

    I'm not interested in Geylang girls, but I'd really like to dinner-treat you one of these days. Something about you that I like. (:


  21. I guess you didn't make the number of comments hoped for and this site will now close.
    Don't mourn it's passing. You did something at least. Remember: the time to move on always comes - in one way or another - with every endeavor. .
    The debate about whether you were right to do what you did in setting up this site will remain just that- a debate. Personally, I think it's usually wrong to harass and 'out' People who are doing things you may not approve of, but are nevertheless legal. But that's just one view and others may disagree.
    I think you were treading a legal tightrope by anyhow posting pictures of people or car with the clear implication that they were engaged in vice. Imagine if just one person is wrongly implicated by you...Their lives would be ruined. Would you care? I hope so, and that's partly behind your decision to cease.
    Anyway, good luck with moving on with your life. Don't hate all men! And don't hate all SG men! For the few you see patronizing brothels ( and even they may have their reasons), there are millions more who are at home or work or in bars and restaurants decently engaging in a vey different lifestyle to the one you portray.

  22. Am i allowed to contribute pictures that I took when I see big cars picking geylang gals n the to the nearby hotel .
    Last night I wanted to do so than that matured man in merc s320 stared at me .
    Guess he is guilty ;-)

  23. Hi Nanako, you are allowed to contribute. Please send your photos to geylangchecker@yahoo.com.sg

  24. "pictures have been posted by other individuals on new media platforms such as blogs, without prior consent, it would be considered a civil matter. The aggrieved persons could first ask the site's webmaster to remove the pictures. As with matters relating to online libel and personal defamation, they could also seek professional legal advice to determine the most appropriate legal recourse"

    I hope you and your colleagues have done your research on the above topic

  25. I have a wife who goes out alone in the middle of the night when we have a disagreement while I am stuck at home on my pc working on my 'take home' office work, is it fair to only check guys then?

  26. Hahaha... F**king Hilarious....

    chicken and egg thing... no right no wrong... Just divorce and move on (with $$$)...

    Kindly use some consideration and heart for ppl who drive and work within Geylang. Anger shrink brain, sadly...

  27. Aiya, phone call recommendations. Call gals all available in singapore. Just dial and view mms pic, then book hotel ....so easy.

  28. hello sir i really like your blog many knowledgeable information in this blog and every articles in this blog really very nice thanks for share it.


  29. ahaha the creator of this blog got no life...mmhmm probably got ditched =p. do agree with soem statements but disagree to most.
    this is part and parcel of life. if my true bf are to cheat on me, i have to look at myself first before blaming him.


  30. Your volunteers are brave. What they do sounds dangerous. I am not sure how the sex-trade is handled in Singapore, but in other countries, it is tied to organized crime/triads.