Tuesday, July 19, 2011


如果我们赢了...根据票数, 我们会施行以下的反应:

  • 等于或多余50票数  : 芽笼突击队保留.
  • 等于或多余60票数 :芽笼突击队重新拟定新的方向和重点
  • 等于或多余70票数 : 马上派下一组"梦幻组合"到芽笼街上."梦幻组合"包括 男性 GWE (游击队战略防御顾问) GDE (芽笼领域顾问) 来保护我们的原本队员.




    1. Whether you go or you stay makes no diff, as a matter of fact life still go on.

      I am sure you know better that I do, be it a man or a woman in 芽笼 they are just doing what they are mean to do.

      For the woman is money for the man is lust and trust me its not only in singapore you see this.

      I like the fact you are trying to tell the stories of what 芽笼 is like after dark but again, places like this is needed for those man whom are lonely or trying to get some time off from their relationship drama.

      Of cos not all man are like that but again take a look on the other of the story if we dont have 芽笼 that provide these services what will happen to those lustful man? more cases of molest and rape? how about overseas tourist and workers? They need to release their Mojo too.

      I am not here to fight for man I am here to tell you not all man are like that... ... yes all man are thinking of lust 99% of the time but only a handful of them look for services.

      close down 芽笼 there will be other places like Duxton, joo chiat and many more. So do you want to also blog them in?

      I love to see you stay but please just for the good of 芽笼 food and human traffic not on whore house and man looking for lust.

      We are not saint we are man and you are woman, we have are needs so do you. Just that we can do it openly and you do it discreetly. But again nowadays woman are quite open too, so not just man anymore.

      Jia you and keep up the good of 芽笼.

    2. Anonymous 不算hor...