Monday, July 25, 2011

Gloomy Monday Morning

Having done some recces in the weekends with the GC Team, we felt worn out  and tired.
Today, is a big challenge to get up from my bed for work.  Having sitting in the trains towards my work place, i beginning to wonder should we send out one team down now?

But i am also worry of the publicity of the site, there could be guys waiting for us there.
Recently, i received an email stating that a guy has managed to found us and he even know where am i working at. This really stirs up a bit of fear in me.

In the afternoon lunch just now at Wendy with my colleagues, the married male colleagues all are very hostile towards GC Founder whom they do not know is me. They mentioned that nowadays their wives become very smart and educated in this area of field. Seems like Singaporean Ladies finally is rising up against unfair treatment..I felt so glad on this .


  1. Well done gal!
    Kindly approve my posts earlier too

  2. i have found your enemy. if your boyfriend and hubby visit this website be careful.

    and plus also remember your feet is standing in a land call singapore. threat don't work on me. tell yourself this. how are u going to win a war if u start fearing of losing. u are not the weak angie i know. beside take thing slowly and attack enemy while they are not alert. just like a cobra step by step. from blackcobra

  3. Dear angie

    Advice not to post FR like this , ppl would comfirm thats you . in geylang ppl start to get aware of u , specially over weekend on a look out for u ladies .
    (legal chicken farm run by a.k.a pimp )
    (street walker chicken protect by daily or per customer charge A.K.A Cockroach)
    (Cockroach network , they got eye , mainly base on coffeeshop) . stay low for a moment would be advice .


  4. Pathetic! Asking for donation again? Tot u say no more asking for donation? Whats your agenda? Con job to ask people to donate money?

  5. You dont have to worry, it could be a trap trying to bait you out. Dont show out your fear, don't be afraid. You got us, supporter, behind your back.

  6. Are you contradicting yourself or something? You said that your male married colleagues who doesn't know is you but yet you post your having Wendy lunch with them? Doesn't this helps them to zoom down to the suspect of the GC founder is 1 of the female colleagues that they had lunch with?

  7. you have nothing to fear but fear itself!!! go and take some more photos. this is still singapore you'll be safe.

  8. All I know is that I certainly wouldn't go around messing with the livelihoods of these sorts of 'businessman', especially as the government/authorities are clearly ok with the operation of licensed brothels.

    What happens when the bosses get pissed off and have their own 'counter-intel'? How would you feel if someone set up a Geylang checker checker, and revealed all the identities of the checkers? How do you think a future employer would feel about you knowing that you spend all your free time stalking others and concerning yourself with others' business? Don't you think you would come across as pathetic, bitter, and unfulfilled?

    What about the hundreds of Singaporean office girls like yourself who list their own bodies for sale after 6:30pm in the CBD for a few bucks more than at Geylang? How will you feel when you find out your sister/friends/colleagues are actually moonlighting as KTV girls & high class escorts? There's a reason why this whole industry, which has been around since mankind awoke, is kept out of the public eye. It only ends in tears for EVERYONE involved.

    What about the fact that for every guy that goes to Geylang to cheat, there are loads who go to bars, clubs, THE INTERNET? Doesn't it seem more appropriate to prevent the cheating in the first place?

    Maybe you should focus on treat your fella with affection and passion, instead of walking around ruining people's jobs and relationships. It's simply not your place, nor your right, to make assumptions and slander anyone who goes there for their own reasons.

    Like all 'problems', awareness, communication, and prevention is the best method, not over-zealous crusades that polarize societal groups and risk retribution to the crusaders.

    Also, one last note... so what if you have a few supporters behind your back? Your crusaders are potentially messing with peoples' LIVELIHOODS, in the name of moral satisfaction... who do you think has more to lose here? How will this all end?

  9. @softbank
    she's smart, so she's suggesting that people have guessed correctly. They probably got it all wrong.

  10. You have nothing to fear and this liberates both the wives and husbands.
    Unfaithful men will remain unfaithful and will be push underground. On the other angle, they may be put on a spot to decide if they should finally divorce their wives for other women. The wives will also be rid of their unfaithful husbands. The ones going to suffer would be the kids.

  11. si bei bo liau....get a life ...or get laid.

  12. I think u r just desperate for attention....trying to gain fame thru this media. U have this section call 'secret photo' which needs password to access. What is this abt 'membership is free for now'? U r just leverage on people's curiosity to acquire members and to make a business out of this. This is so despicable!

  13. If you say that any man found in that place could be calling chicken, can i say you might be a prostitute if you are spotted in Geylang (taking photos)??

  14. Have you ever considered a man who is single and went there and got snapped by you and end up life ruined because he cant face his parents friends and colleagues?

  15. I wonder how many poor wives and girlfriends here got cheated of their money by you, the con woman. I mean look at the quality of your photos, I can barely see the guy's face. Guess your team sucks huh. I have been to geylang openly so many times yet I didn't see even a shadow of me and my friends. Oh well, try harder... :)

  16. You might be killed by the gangsters there. Once they know who you are and making them losing their business because less guys go there for chicken and they will find you. Piece of advice! Geylang is not so simple as what you think.

  17. As a man, my primary concern will be the misunderstandings that may arise if a photo of me appears on this site or on the related forum, just because I went to Geylang for dimsum at MongKok (Lor 8).

    They always say if you are not guilty, you should never be afraid.

    But I really do not want a tarnished reputation, and I certainly do not want to go around explaining some things I have never done at all.

    Just an honest comment: if not handled well, this site will serve as a perfect platform for these unwanted incidents to arise, and more often than not, shit happens.

    Just my 2 cents worth, but I really do appreciate the effort being put in to help the troubled wives of Singapore. But I really hope more guilty ones are being caught rather than those that just want to enjoy a nice meal in Geylang.

    If you go to Geylang, its quite likely you will brush shoulders with the working ladies over there, even if you just want to go there for a meal, and if the GC team happens to snap a shot just because of this, the purpose of this site will not be served well.

    Selemat Hari Raya

  18. I dun think he can do anything to u, just report police if he threaten u or do anything funny.

  19. Well done. The guys should be aware that whatever deeds they do, will not be hidden or disappeared. I happened to come across a drama that mentions about this website, never knew that it exists!!

  20. Why even bother to marry or have a long term relationship at all if you want to cheat. Say no to SG gals you can fuck anyone until 40.