Saturday, February 9, 2019

Waaaa girl attraction using special service

Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday, October 27, 2017

Recruitment for Freelance Investigators-same style as Uber or Grab

Part time jobs offer - Freelance Investigators (Uber Style)
Do you have the skills of Stomping people using your phone ? Join us! We are looking out for FreeLance Investigators to help us in simple tasks such as taking photos and tracking of SG guys... Same style as Uber or Grab....join us by fulfilling below form

Vietnam Girl - SG

A lot of SG guys prefer Viet Girls compared to SG Girls ...Why?
The SG guys said that V-girls are better and gentle ...
SG girls are uglier and fierce , even makeup also will not make SG girls pretty..
What do you think?

Viet girls from one of male colleagues in my current company claimed that they are very money minded and have a scheming long term plan to cheat SG guys money.

Watch out ! If the V-girl start to tell you sob stories of her poor family back at Hanoi or Ho could be a seed to plant in your mind that she will ask u for financial help sooner or later..

Watch out! She could be sharing her vagina to X number of SG guys plus 1 real Viet lover/hubby/bf ...V-girl has no problems on this and they take it with pride...

------From GeyLang Checker ,Angie--------
i am back again....

Friday, April 14, 2017

No Panty Ad- SG Colleague Stares!

I happened to come across an ad by Kotex ( i am  not advertising over here, if Kotex wants to find me for advertising, please do) , seems like my guy colleagues  is looking at below portion for 99.9% of his whole attention of the  video.....SG Guys really horny...

SG Guys got scammed

There is a high secret trend that SG GUYS are being scammed in various chat app that know new  girls...

Below is an  example of a sweet girls:

But when the SG GUYS met up with the girls,in hotel its turns out to be

Hi are you all?

Hi all readers,

This is an official notice  that i am still around - I am Angie


Monday, September 12, 2016

Uber Sex in SG

Lately, my colleagues told me that Uber Pool encourages guys to know girls during the share car ride.
Some guys even  manage to get the phone numbers of the girls and dated them out!

The conversation starts like this"
Guy : " Did u like to use UberPool?"
Girl: " Yes, i  do because i like to meet handsome guys! hahaha"
Guy : " I also like to meet pretty gals like u!"
Girl : " What your number?"
Guy : " Let me key in for you..."

I would try to sit on a UBER POOL ride from tomorrow onwards to see whether i can meet any handsome guy! :P

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guys Heart : Why guys want to cheat even though he has a beautiful wife

Normally, my colleagues will always discuss this over lunch .
They will say that as long wife is beautiful, husband will not look out for other girls.
In m opinions, this is not true. Guys seem to be designed to have only 2 years of sex appeal for a girl then he will change his target...its like more programmed in them...

what yr views..?

Latest news - Bugis Area Health Centers Sex @$80

Just had this piece of news stating that there are over 20 over woman that the SG guy can choose in these health centers.

I am wondering why guys want to cheat in anywhere ...even in spa ?

Old Email being hacked...Please don't email to my old email

Hi all,

My old email had been hacked by dark forces opposing me..

This is why i cant reply to most emails to me.

Now i am back  with my team, freshly recruited.

My new email

Please contact me with cheating cases to report over in this web to expose cheating spouses!

Please email me to report cheating cases here

Hi all , please email me and contact me to report the cheating cases over here. we will reveal to whole of singapore of the cheating man and woman.

Real case reported : hubby mistress

My husband office is in geylang. Near Lor 27. I suspect he is keeping a
mistress nearby n he always go n find her during office hours. Or he could
be having affair with his colleague. But I know he is having affair outside.
All tell tale signs matched. Please tell me how I can catch them

Saturday, June 18, 2016

SG guys desperate

In my work place, i found Singaporean guys always like to stare at this part ....

Are Singaporean guys so desperate?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Case 1 : Panty found in Hubby 's briefcase

Case 1 :

A hubby's briefcase is found with this style of panty . When the wife smells it, it still with perfume and body smell of a lady.

SG guys Cheats

Hi I am back again.

This time round, i would like to share how Singaporean guys cheat on their wife and gf.

I had been seeing more and more on SG guys doing this often .

I had changed my company and working in a new firm. I will reveal in my latter posts where i am working at, you maybe one of my colleague.

See ya.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Servicing by Angie

Hi All, Just read the New Paper of today that Geylang is getting more violent and brazen... I am also being forced by circumstances to provide service currently ... My service is listed in this website Angie, Geylang Checker Founder

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tip 3 : sperm smell in underwear

Tip 3

"My husband always washes His own underwear quickly or put in the laundry basket quickly for washing after a certain night outing with so called male buddies..."

  1. Husband 's body can be bathed but underwear retaining the scent of sperm ejaculation can't be washed away before he reaches home. If he arrives back home with a washed wet underwear , the suspicious is greater. 

Tip 2 - Hand phone put to vibration or silent

Tip 2

"My husband 's phone always placed to silent or vibration when I am with him...."

  1. Mistress whom disobedient may call him
  2. Whores whom called him for quick see
  3. Maids whom called him for quickies next door staircases
  4. Sex buddies (FB) whom are female colleagues lonely at night and called him
  5. "WeChat" ladies whom he messaged in the day replied him now

Ladies out there, be careful ...Tip 1

Tip 1

"If your husband comes back home with a bath scent that is different , it may means that he had taken a bath outside...."

  1. Had sex with someone outside known through "We chat" and bath together 
  2. Had sex at mistress 's place and bath there
  3. Had sex at geylang and bathed at whore house
  4. Had sex with massuer and bathed in private bathroom of the massage parlor

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Real Face.......

Hi Guys,

I am back.

I had it enough from hiding my identity. Its been stressful for me .

For those whom want to know my face, its advertised inside here

I managed to use their product (rejuvenation serum) and indeed its really help to regenerate my skin through stem cell, amazing~

Facial is still important to me although i lost my bf to vices , appearance is still needed in jobs and finding a new bf / husband.......

Wish me good luck .

GC Founder

Monday, January 27, 2014

Repent from masturbation ,pornography ,adultery ,whore, prostitutes

To repent and cleanse off evil karma from evil sex acts(masturbation, pornography viewing, adultery , visit prostitutes) 

Recite "OM MANI PADME HUM" as many times as possible with a repent heart everyday and dont commit the acts again

View Pornography results in bad luck, wealth and career

This is a true case :
After ten years of viewing pornography on the web, at first, i thought its nothing as i am not doing anything harmful to another person.
BUT, this viewing of porno actually leads us deeper into a big trouble awaiting for us.
In order for the big trouble to come, the "evil" will lead us slowly and deeper into the abyss , at first you will find gratifications but its short term.

It will lead us to visit prostitutions and eventually cheating on girls to get the same gratifications from masturbation while viewing pornography.

Eventual circumstances is that your luck, wealth, career and wealth will be gone, resulted in big debts and eventual serious harm to your loved ones.

The evil thing will lead us into a terrible state / story that starts from porno viewing on web.

Stay away from pornography from today! Dont masturbate.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

evil lust and masturbate destroy luck and wealth 邪淫破财

邪淫破财 导致逢赌必输,倒霉,事事不如意。

I have just read on buddhism teachings.
it was mentioned why some guys always get into bad luck and lose their fortune 
Is because of evil lust and adultery and visiting prostitution and watching porno and masturbate and cheating on girls.

I have checked with some guys who always lose their money in stocks and forex, it's true that evil lust will cost your whole fortune to be wiped out. The lose money effect is quite immediate once you committed an evil sex act.

万恶淫为首。evil lust is the master of evil.
Let's stop our evil lust thoughts and repent.

Geylang Checker Founder 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Are singaporeans going for more private sex calls now ?

Hi, i am back.

Its been over one year since i posted.

Many things happened to my life . For those who wish to know more, i can post it here.

Right now , i feel singaporean guys are getting out of hand .

They are now patronizing PRC ladies by calling them privately.

There are some informers whom given me the locations.

Wait for my next posts, some photos of guys are taken.

Geylang Checker Founder

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spy your husband 's computer

Please place order with
Item Name Find out who is chatting with your husband
Price SGD150.00 (Usual : SGD220.00)
Description Once loaded onto a PC, it scans for pornographic content from still images as well as videos, and chat history from chat solutions such as Skype, Trillian, and MSN
Available Stock 9/20
Extras Faster than other PC monitoring software, the Discover It is immune to software viruses and runs covertly on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wish to earn some pocket money?


We are looking for photographs of men loitering around in geylang. We will be able to filter who are the genuine guys and dont worry, we will mosaic the face as usual.  We are willing to give a small token on appreciation of that. Please do send your photos to, shortlisted photos will be given token of appreciation.