Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Count 67 Posts

Final Count 67 Posts

Thank you for all the support. Geylang Checker has been saved and will remain.
We will set out on our new direction and also in our complete coverage website :

Membership now is free for all, without moderation, once you complete registering as a member.
Anonymous information is allowed during member registration.
We will stop accepting new members into the forum as the website will reveal special photos and tactics to help Singaporean Ladies.

Thank you,
Geylang Checker


  1. Hi. Y not ask those supportive males to help u take more photos instead?I am sure they can take more naked ladies photos than u ppl. This way u can have more male members join u to enjoy these photos ya.

  2. Without moderation? That doesn't seem to be true. I registered and posted. Posting was only approved after moderation. Same thing with my second post. I don't think any forum can take off in this way.

  3. No moderation? True or not??