GDE Hub - Did we catch the right guys?

Hi , a lot of people including reporters has been asking us whether are we catching the WRONG people?
This question is easily answered by the confluence factors of  Probability and the Knowledge of Wife/GF themselves.


How is it often you will see a guy roaming around Geylang streets? They will say FOR FOOD like Frog Leg Porridge or Durians. But please hang on, the Geylang district is planned with a particular pattern that seems like the evils are all concentrated on one area, the Even Numbered Streets(Lorong 8, 12, 16 , 18). The normal food fare area is concentrated at the Odd Numbered Streets . Hence this is with GREAT probabiility when a GUY is seen appearing at the Even Numbered Street is naturally assess of a GREAT POTENTIAL whore seeker. Please see the map below for the Evil area :

Hence, if a  man appears at Geylang,  he do not need to afraid because he may already tell his wife / gf that he is visiting the FOOD area but if his photo is in our Evil area, please be prepared to have a good explanation.

Prior Knowledge, Correlation Linking of Wife/GF
When Geylang Checker exposes the photo of a Man, to the many strangers visiting the website, this Man is not exposed or known.  To a relative that may know the rough appearance of this Man, the relative may thought this Man is doing an errand and just passing by for FOOD. To the Wife or GF of this Man, especially when the Man has informed them that he is doing overtime in Yishun or West area, after seeing the photo of his Man at that particular day/timing captured in the website, will raise a doubt of concern : WHAT THE F**K WHY IS HE AT GEYLANG AT THAT MOMENT? I THOUGHT HE IS DOING OVERTIME?!!! BASTARD!!

This website reserves the knowledge of the actual facial appearance of the car or person but provide enough confluence factors and knowledge by inference for the wife and gf to catch thier MAN right on the SPOT.

This is the power of Inference and Confluence, subtle yet potent. Combining the Probability and Prior Knowledge aspects allow the wife/gf to catch the Man they thought to be faithful always.

10 Steps Scenario Play-  Take for example,
1. The man LIEs to the wife that he is going to  VivoCity with friends at 9pm
2. GC ladies commandos took photo of this man in geylang in lorong 18 (legal prostitute houses). ->Probability Theory in Even numbered Lorongs
3. GC masked the face of this man in photo.
4. GC published this masked face photo on web but still reveals the apparels and clothings of this man
5. Wife goes to check on GC routinely daily and happens to see this masked face man photo with SAME clothing(for that day) and wearing an limited edition special watch that she bought for her husband/bf. -> Correlation / Hypothesis Theory by Wife
6. Bingo! Wife/GF  immediately questions Husband/ BF.
7.Questioning starts for that Man to explain himself.
8.Either Man succeeded to explain himself out or being caught formally by wife/gf .
 9. This Man will dislike to go to Geylang anymore because of this hassle.
10. Deterrence level increases for Singaporean Men in cheating at Geylang.

So GC is not explicitly exposing that man cheats, because we NEVER reveal the face or car plate numbers.
Hence, we didnt accuse any MAN. We are just providing information with least inference. The ultimate inference is made by the WIFE and GF themselves with their prior knowledge of their MAN.

Its the Ghost in the hearts of the Cheating Man that catches up fast with his karma.