Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank you for the support

Today, lots of emails flooded me and i am busy replying them through my iphone.
Ever since My Paper reported that i am working in one of the Big5 auditing company, a few of my colleagues today seems suspicious of me that i am the founder of Geylang Checker because some of them knew my past but maybe its my own thinkings, they have not realized that i am the Founder.

Thank you for the console and encouragement emails given to me by many. Some have advised me to get it over with. Some have advised me to be extra careful, really appreciate that. One thing i want to tell to the whole of Singapore is that i will not let go of this. I will not .

Thank you David Lim from SPH (My Paper) for giving a very elaborated report of me. I want to thank him for his professionalism unlike other reporters whom selectively revealed only one facet of my story and setting a doubt to others.

Many people said that this is a scam. If you all think so, please dont click the "Donate button" , its ok. As usual. we ladies in Singapore again are being bullied and look down. There is no support from public,. we are fine because from the disappointments we had from Singaporean men, we have learn how to be independent and stay strong always. I believe that one day, some people will eventually realise that this is not a scam.

From a simple phototaking or google photos(if people wants to claim it) to active photo taking and night shots, the point has been achieved, momentum has kickstarted, the momentum of deterrence , the momentum of catching cheating Singaporean men, this is the whole point.Its now being becoming as a whistle-blower platform with support from both sexes, especially our male GDE, GWE and GHEs. 

This will be the tipping point for more things to be done for the welfare of ladies, wives, mums, gfs in the whole of Singapore. Go forward, Singaporean Ladies!

Our Team at Geylang Checker, salutes.

Geylang Checker Team


  1. You are invading the privacy of another person...which is hurting someone's reputation and/or rights to privacy. You are accusing people via a photograph suggesting that the person in it is "cheating"...this is clearly hurting someone's reputation. You are imposing your own moral ground on another person. Every person is entitled to their own choosen lifestyle and as long as they do not hurt another person we should not be in the position to judge good/bad/etc..As a matter of fact there exist today chosen lifestyle of polygamy whereby the women can and have multiple male sexually active partners.

  2. "As usual. we ladies in Singapore again are being bullied and look down. "

    WHEN the hell do ladies in Singapore being look down at? SG women are always 高高在上 and treated men like dirt. They think they are equal or better than men in all aspects and they like to order around. This culture totally suck if you compare with women in other part of the world. OF COURSE I am talking as a whole and not individually. There are good sheep around of course.

    You think you are doing people a good deed by doing this? You are creating more problems, and some of these problems shouldn't even take place in the first place.

    What if you take innocent people having their meals there because Geylang is famous for having 24 hours food?
    What if your take pictures of people working there at their shops?

    You might say you are careful and would be sure that the guy is definitely there for whore. So what if he is single, no wife no girlfriend. It would be his business if he visit a whore. I'm sure he doesn't want his pictures up in this blog SO Why would you poke into his business?

    I don't usually cares a shit about yahoo news but I am spending some of my time typing here cos I saw a post there.

    Get over it and do something useful to the society.

  3. Dear Founder,

    Undoubtedly your intention of this site is good, and I do not believe that this is a scam, but it is your overly defensive mentality that is doing harm to your creditability.

    Please explain what did you mean by, "its ok. As usual. we ladies in Singapore again are being bullied and look down. There is no support from public,. we are fine because from the disappointments we had from Singaporean men, we have learn how to be independent and stay strong always".

    What does this have to do with unfaithful men? What exactly is your agenda for this site? You sound like you are a victim of gender bias and unfair treatment and want to take revenge against men, and that exposing unfaithful men is your excuse to satisfy your personal interest. Generalisation is convenient but it is lame. I suggest you correct your twisted mentality before you ask for support from the public.

    A Man

  4. Seriously , U are really lame.. Why don't you do something meaningful like helping out the poor children n old folks instead of checking on men?

    do u seriously think that ur website can solve the entire break-up and marriage problems? Look, if ur r/ship screwed up, its not just one party. Should men set up a as well? Do u not think women can have affairs outside? Just that there's no facility providing MEN service to women in SG. Think about it, if there's MEN service, u think no women will be tempted? Do u know in Japan, Roppongi is famous for Male Escorts for the lonely and troubled women? U think the govt is blind ? and allow geylang to thrive? There's Good , there's bad, What u are pursuing is an utopian idea, which the intentions are good, however taken to the extreme. Sort out ur feelings and see there's a bright side of life, sooner or later, u'll gonna see its a waste of ur time trying to vent ur hatred on ur failed rship