Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best Comment Posted

This is probably of one of the best comments that makes me feel encouraged . I need the encouragement to go on , not necessarily in monetary but in spirits .

Best comment :
All you guys are so immature. The founder of this website is not seeking out revenge, nor vengeance or anything else you suggest. To this date there has been no monitoring of such matters, even via private investigators, and this website is basically trying to fulfill that role.

You guys can go ahead and try insult the person who founded this website and movement, as well as make stupid calculations on why a Singaporean girl isn't as good as a PRC one.

The fact is, the founder of this website, as well as many, many other women out there don't need you. They don't need guys. They can well support themselves independently, financially and otherwise. They would, however, be in a relationship for mutual respect and genuine love, of which all of you don't understand nor deserve.

The agenda of this website is not personal. It strives to warn deserving women of their partner's immorality, so they can find better partners. Since no one is monitoring this issue currently, I applaud the founder of this website for addressing this issue.

I have a gf not for good sex, but for good company, mutual care and love. If you guys belittle women and objectify them, you do not deserve to be in a serious relationship.

I hope that one day all of you will be 'caught'. So that your deserving partners know of your true colours, and find better partners who will have more respect for them.

Should I Stop?

Ever since this website was reported by the media, I begun to get many Singaporean men's emails. A lot of people given advices to me on how to run this GC better and provide more protection and safety for my team. Really grateful for the helps . But a majority of the Singaporean men keep asking me to close down this site because they think I should move on.

On this windy Saturday afternoon at marina cove alone, I am thinking right now....Should I close off this site? Maybe what the guys said in the email were correct- Singaporean men are generally honest and most of them don't cheat.Maybe is me , not doing enough for my bf that why he swayed , maybe it's not his fault....

Singaporean ladies, should I or should I not ? Please advice me..