Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 4

Anonymous said...
Lets think out of the box. If Geylang is a legal entity AND NORMAL LIFESTYLE in Singapore, WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC unless they aer guilty of something? Commercial sex is normal to me as government approves it so once again WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC? If Geylang is so normal as what those guys commented, it should be no different to streets of Orchard road when you have your photos taken by "Just for Laugh" or candid pictures. SG GUYS . OXYMORON. Keep up the good work , GC checkers.


如果我们赢了...根据票数, 我们会施行以下的反应:

  • 等于或多余50票数  : 芽笼突击队保留.
  • 等于或多余60票数 :芽笼突击队重新拟定新的方向和重点
  • 等于或多余70票数 : 马上派下一组"梦幻组合"到芽笼街上."梦幻组合"包括 男性 GWE (游击队战略防御顾问) GDE (芽笼领域顾问) 来保护我们的原本队员.



    IF we won 50 comments challenge...

    Hi, today is a sunny Tuesday, i didn't join my colleagues for breakfast near Lau Pat Sa because maybe i am becoming more paranoid. Colleagues talked about GC again after local Shin Min Newspaper reported about the 50 Comments Challenge. One of the male colleagues seems to be suspecting me. It seems like i may not be as strong as what the general perception perceived of me.

    The GC Team meet up again yesterday to talk about the plans of GC if 50 comments are not reached on Wed 2359hrs. We also talked about whether the current refinement in our stance  of the website towards "Naturist Approach" is a good way?  Something special out of this meeting is that we asked along our pioneer male volunteers to attend the meeting this time round- ranks of GDE(Geylang Domain Experts), GWE (Guerrilla Warfare Expert )and GHE(Guys Heart Expert), they are really nice guys :)

    The most important conclusion will be that if we hit 50 comments and above, below actions will be carried out based on the quantity of the support :
    • >=50 comments  : Geylang Checker saved.
    • >=60 comments : Geylang Checker goes through major re-branding (secret, reveals after wed 2359hrs)
    •   >=70 comments : Immediate dispatches of a team down Geylang Streets - A new formation of GC Ground Checkers squad with male GWE and GDE accompany to protect the GC ladies
     Thank you.

    Geylang Checker

    50 Comments Challenge - Best Comments Posted 3

    Anonymous said...
    19 July 2011 8.28am commenter.. There's issues with the system as I even tried to post up more than 3 times. There's no verification code thus I would conclude it as a system error. This might not be what the founder deleted, unless you see your post like the above post as "This post has been removed by the author." than I'm speechless. Anyway, woman cheating on guys is lesser as compare to guy cheating on gals. and in any even if you mentioned that gals do cheat, why not you open a blog and start doing what the founder has done. I have started a team out of this "circle" it's more of a common interest and I tell you, it's not easy at all. Of cuz, couple break up anot, it would be their own mutual trust. Show me a photo of my wife and another guy, I would question her. She say no, I'll agree with her answer. It's as simple as that. Lastly, you are married and have a wonderful wife like me, why would you wan to "fame" GC? Fair or not, a person doesn't have 3 head 6 limbs. He/she can't do as much as anyone. We have the same 24 hours 1 head 2 hand 2 legs. If you think she could, you could do it as well. =) Just my 2 cents of comments.