Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guys Heart : Why guys want to cheat even though he has a beautiful wife

Normally, my colleagues will always discuss this over lunch .
They will say that as long wife is beautiful, husband will not look out for other girls.
In m opinions, this is not true. Guys seem to be designed to have only 2 years of sex appeal for a girl then he will change his target...its like more programmed in them...

what yr views..?

Latest news - Bugis Area Health Centers Sex @$80

Just had this piece of news stating that there are over 20 over woman that the SG guy can choose in these health centers.

I am wondering why guys want to cheat in anywhere ...even in spa ?

Old Email being hacked...Please don't email to my old email

Hi all,

My old email had been hacked by dark forces opposing me..

This is why i cant reply to most emails to me.

Now i am back  with my team, freshly recruited.

My new email

Please contact me with cheating cases to report over in this web to expose cheating spouses!

Please email me to report cheating cases here

Hi all , please email me and contact me to report the cheating cases over here. we will reveal to whole of singapore of the cheating man and woman.

Real case reported : hubby mistress

My husband office is in geylang. Near Lor 27. I suspect he is keeping a
mistress nearby n he always go n find her during office hours. Or he could
be having affair with his colleague. But I know he is having affair outside.
All tell tale signs matched. Please tell me how I can catch them

Saturday, June 18, 2016

SG guys desperate

In my work place, i found Singaporean guys always like to stare at this part ....

Are Singaporean guys so desperate?