Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Complete Geylang Checker Whistleblower Forum Set up.

Hi Singaporean Ladies and Nice Singaporean Men, as per request from many , GC Team have set up a forum with our GWEs, GDEs and GHEs.
Together over here, we will provide a more holistic and complete solution towards Cheating Singaporean men to protect our Singaporean Ladies.

Our agenda over here is to provide a very strong support base for Singaporean Ladies against Cheating Hubbies/ BFs and represents the
whistle blower or watchdog against cheating Singaporean Men.

Please do support us through your active participation in the forum. We will still maintain this blogspot site as a main thrust towards Geylang.

Those who post positively frequently over this initiating period will be granted the role of "Moderators" , limited slots for these.

ps: Rest of GWEs, GDE, GHEs please quickly register as members to take control of your sub forum that already created to you.

Thank you

Geylang Checker