Friday, March 11, 2011

Night Patrol

Hi Ladies, we have equipped with Night Vision capabilities. Night photographs will be available soon. Please watch this space.


  1. Wah, so high tech. But even more amazing - so gung-ho.

    You "rent-a-spies" must have a lot of free time on your hands. I hope you get your jollies from all of this.

    Who I really think should sink your boat are those thousands of single guys who visit Geyland to simply have a "good time" -- minding their own darn business and not hurting anyone -- going about their way without having to worry about "the morality police" busting their nuts.

    You guys are really party-poopers...thankfully for most fun-loving guys, and hard-working gals you seem to be incompetent ;-)

    Best wishes

  2. Geylang Checker

    Not all Geylang thrill seekers are boyfriends and husbands. Do not forget that some may be singles who are unattached and go to these places for some release. Anyway, there is this thing called "legalized prostitution" here in S'pore so I believe the action by the Checkers is a sweeping one which can result in an adverse effect. Without a legalized environment for some of our unattached S'pore men to reduce the "innate aggression" , how safe can our daughters, wives and girlfiends be now? Will the streets be safer for them as more fiends may seek them out to replace the "lost opportunities". Our local police enforcement may be see more cases on rapes, molestation etc.

    So I think the Checker need to have a broader mindset and think more strategically though their objective has been totally commendable.