Friday, July 22, 2011

SGC Secret Photos in forum

SGC exclusive Photo folder in

For access to those whom have posted at least 50 posts in the Singapore Geylang Checker forum(

Photos are secret compilation that never been revealed before. 
- A SG MAN being hugged in daylight in the streets of Geylang!
-The room of the prostitute etc


  1. now i'm starting to qn ur intention of this site. it's looking more and more like sammyboy but for girls. All the adverts make me ur purpose of this site...pretty gd idea i must say.
    however i must let u know u r going to force more underground sexual activities from now on. they are definitely more risky compared to geylang, as those ladies don't go for body check every few months and may not practise safe sex.
    Anyway i think u should really learn to let go, my girlfriend cheated on me with another man, just becos he's richer than me. I'm sure a lot of ladies do that nowadays, but it's perfectly alright cos they can have their freedom of choice, but guys, guys are always wrong....maybe i should set up a blog and forum to talk abt money seeking bitches ard. but no i have my life to live and i dun think all girls are like this, although i find it really hard to trust sg girls nowadays.

  2. No one can afford SG girls nowadays, they are like overpriced HDB units and hard to find one that is virgin... Mainland Chinese are a more affordable quality choice compared to Malaysian wife.