Sunday, July 17, 2011



现在,我们在食格吃饭着,尽量低调一点。可是我又忍不住想让人找到我们, 这心中的矛盾,还真的不能理解。



GC Closes down.

Now the sun is setting, we are still at the amphitheater of vivocity.
We have reached an agreement. Because not much Singaporean ladies complains about Singaporean men in the comments posted, we are feeling that GC may not be needed.

Let's set this ultimatum out: if we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

Singaporean ladies, you make the call now. Time starts now.

Did we malign Singaporean guys?

On this sunny afternoon , GC held a meeting at Vivocity skygarden.
We are looking through all the comments to GC through our iPhones and iPads.
Maybe I am now a bit paranoid. A bit weak and unstable in my stance, I seems to notice a group of guys staring at us and making funny comments. I was thinking "did they suspect us as the GC"?

Anyway, back to the topic of the post, we refined our stance of the website to make it less disturbing for the residents and passerby of Geylang.
The new refinement will be" anybody caught in our pictures will be given the benefit of doubts. We will not associate them to evil-doings. In this case, we are just Geylang streets monitor just like cameras installed at the corners of the streets.

So to reemphasize , Singaporean guys, if your photos are published, Do not worry , we will only associate you with walking down the Geylang streets at that point of time.

No worries. Guys. :)