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Will you help us in preventing broken marriages and unfaithfulness ?

Geylang Checker ever since being published, have been faced with threatening emails to ask us not to find cheating men in geylang. But, we remain our stance about this and hope to provide as a service to the ladies in singapore as a free private investigating services. But ever since threatening emails have been sent to us, some of the team actually left us and take away the expensive cameras used to take all these shots. GeylangChecker team hopes that any amount of donation will be appreciated by the ladies, women, gf, wives in order to support us. We do not know how long can we stand, hope that kind souls are still around to support us monetary.

Our upcoming projects will be : 
  • Hiding Places of Car -Continuation
  • Night shots
  • Possible Freelancers areas
  • Pyschology of SG men whom cheats
  • Hiding techniques employed by cheating husbands
  • Petain Road to Catch Cheating Hubbies, BFs

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