Sunday, July 17, 2011

GC Closes down.

Now the sun is setting, we are still at the amphitheater of vivocity.
We have reached an agreement. Because not much Singaporean ladies complains about Singaporean men in the comments posted, we are feeling that GC may not be needed.

Let's set this ultimatum out: if we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

Singaporean ladies, you make the call now. Time starts now.


  1. 也許可以用中文來描寫一下情況,增加讀者

  2. Man are all bad creatures.
    He beat me everyday. Make me work and give him money. Sometimes i wash dishes until got blister i say want rest he say then no need eat meh but he take all my money go to chicken go to drug and paly pills.
    play pills finish or drink finish everytime force me sex with him no want wear corndom and i scare i pregnant or i aids but he no care. if dont sex him he punch me. i hate guys now cuz i think they want only sex me or me give them my money.
    i run away from bad man many many times but he everytime find me and each time want kill me with butterknife slowly. i scare but ma-da no care me. Ask me talk to him in private cuz they no want write repot. this is unfair world. Someone help me

  3. Let's face it. Most men cheat, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are married or already attached. Even if they dont go Geylang, they go Karaoke, Nightclubs, Massage even Casino , look , plenty of China Women.

    It takes two to tango, China Women Cheap, Men no discipline, it will happen.

    Angie, you dont need this site to track Spouse Cheater, Women have very good sixth sense, we know whether our spouse is cheating on us, even some Women are ignorant, trust me, nobody can cheat or betray their partners forever, its only a matter of time when they will be exposed. All is fated.

    If only those who have been cheated or betrayed by their partners (men and women) can get together , am sure they will appreciate and treasure each other.


  4. Please la Mariam, anyone with common sense can tell your piece of story is fake. You think by writing in broken English you can trick others into believing? Why the need to make up this story? Hiaz.....

  5. Counter : 3

    Sg guys not only go lorong 6 to lorong 18. The GC misses out on one particular lorong 2* which is the heart of evil.

    Some sg guys can even insists on No condom when having sex with the illegal pros over there and frenches with them. After all these, they will go back have unprotected sex with their wife and kisses them. Imagine how disgusting is that!!!

  6. Sg guys (including mine) are the worst assholes ever: they treat us like shit and still complain saying it's our mistake. But look at you guys, you are everything but what a girl can dream of, no wonder caucasians attract all of us, they are sooooo much more educated and respectful !!

  7. They normally go GL during night esp after wee hours of morning. No point taking pic in broad daylight. im more concerned about your safety in doing such dangerous activity. Its a better idea to hire a professional to do the work if their wife/gf suspects their infidety. Y make yourself n others more hurt if they are not prepared for the hard truth. I wanted to encourage u but i stopped short on the thought/consequence that may arise. I will pray for u and God will do the rest.

  8. Sg guys not only go lorong 6 to lorong 18, its goes on to 30+.. believe me as i'm one of the regulars there lol I'm not afraid to admit it, b'cos i'm single but I really do hope those with gf/wife will learn to treasure each other before its too late

  9. 新加坡男人靠的住,母猪会上树。
    "pigs can fly, if Singaporean men is loyal to their wife"

    Counter : 4

  10. Counter : 6

    Ya! Singaporean men always pushes the blame towards sg ladies claiming we are the source of all problems! Ridiculous ! Atrocious ! Retarded sg men!

  11. Bad comments against sg men counter: 7

    Do not close down GC. You all ladies are doing a wonderful job over here, don't let those pros seeking guys delude you all in closing down our Singapore 1st fidelity checker site.

    Sg guys think with their second brain instead of the first one . Outward appearance seems polite and gentlemen but inside is a slime of dirty thoughts and impending sexual fantasies.

  12. I did not lost my ex to Geylang, however my family did loose him to another SG lady. I do not blame the girl and indeed SG man has no guts to take responsibility for anything in their lives. They are cowards and act fierce only in the presence of weaker beings e.g. wife, gf etc. SG ladies seriously does not deserve being with SG men.

  13. Really think what you ladies are doing is truly commendable. Don't give up

  14. Singaporean ladies are always being bullied by SG guys. Watch and listen to this video and you will know that we should not believe in men-

    counter : 9

  15. When a man goes to geylang for the chicken, THEY ARE THE ONES who betray and break the relationships. Not checker.
    Why dont you haters/men put this way? Checker just want to protect the women whom are blissfully unaware that their husband or bf may contract Aids or some sexual disease from those chicken.
    "Men won't cheat if his woman can satisfy him." LOL? OH SO NOW THE WOMAN IS THE BLAME FOR MEN INFIDELITY? IF the wife/gf cooks for him, do the housework, slog at work, give birth to his child, but couldnt give him a good sex, its time to cheat on her? What happen to mutual trust, love and care?
    I got friends that can give their bfs good sex, but they still stray. WHY? see the same face everyday till bored, so must fk some random slut?

    If checker is the one that expose those despo guys and cause breakup or divorce, GOOD. Let their ex wife and gf know its not worth to stay with those jerks. You CHEATING men are the ones that cause heartbreaks and even pass sexual diseases to the innocent. They can find a better men elsewhere.

    If there are strain in the relationship, TALK. NOT WITH YOUR PENIS.

    Am I saying all the men? No, its those CHEATING men.

    I feel so unjusified for checkers.

  16. Bad Singaporean men has been increasing with the age getting younger and younger. I'm in my mid 20s and the amount of guy friends i have that has betrayed their other half, countless and that even included my bf .

    are Singaporean women that bad? think about it. they do everything for you and end of the day you tell them, that Malaysian *beach is better than u. IN JUST 1 DAY, he wipes out all years of love because the other woman acts like she is better than u.

    i curse all these foreign women who does not know how to keep their hands and vagina to themselves.

  17. Nothing constructive seems to said here except mindless rants... Think this blog is destined to head the way of the dinosaurs! My 1 advice for all the blog owners and volunteers of this site! "Don't get bitter, get better"! Don't always end up being the common denominater in any failed RS and it does talk 2 hands to clap, there is as much fault with guys and gals in any failed RS, Sex is impt but its not everything! I believe if there were lasting friendship involved in the RS apart from sexual intimacy things might not have ended the way it did? Just my 2 cents, you can take this as mindless chatter if you like. No offence to anyone on this blog!

  18. I am a female. I am not ashamed to say that i am a L(andro type, not butch, not fem).

    I believe i know the hearts of Singaporean precious ladies more than anyone of you Singaporean guys.

    Singaporean ladies are so precious and nice, you guys dont know how to appreciate, let me do the part.

    Get lost , sg guys.

  19. Yes, female insurance agent is the trick.
    Because hubbies can say that he is meeting with the pretty sexy insurance agent, so time is granted.

    WHen you called him, he didnt pick up, he said he is respecting the meeting of the sexy insurance agent.

    When u ask him why routinely meet up , he will say that its that insurance agent tries to sales talk him, that why he have to entertain a bit but he will not buy from her.

    IN FACT, they are having regular HOT SEX maybe without condom.

    Believe me , ladies, i am in the insurance line.

  20. NO, please don't close. You have been doing a great service to us SG ladies when the men in SG ( well majority as seen online on GC and yahoo) are immature assholes who have morality issues! I have many horror stories too but you must understand, not everyone who has these stories are willing to dig it up again. What you are doing is NOT WRONG. Don't listen to all the guilty people who are trying to tear down one barrier so that they can get easier access to doing stuff they think they are entitled to but in all actuality, not.

  21. Do not close this website down. There are many women who are still unaware of checker. if every women tells their story, I think checker will be spending their whole day approving comments.

  22. I also want more Singaporean ladies to know of this website that we painstakingly done up.
    If you all willing, please help me to spread the word around. Thank you.


  23. Always solve problem from the root cause. Put your effort into helping relationship building which is the root cause of more problems than Geylang. Cheaters don't necessary have to go Geylang anyway. Make sense?

    Single Guy

  24. Come on guys you are just so lame !! When we read all the comments you leave on different websites against this blog it is easy to say that you feel unsecure about this whole cheating thing ya ? They say, only the truth hurts, isnt it ?

    @ single guy: the root cause is not in relationship building, it is that you guys consider women like toys you can do whatever you want with, including passing them STDs. Respect is a word that just dont exist in your vocabulary, and you are not even educated enough to just admit your mistake and try to become better men. You are so pathetic.

    +1 comment to support this website.

  25. @Anonymous July 18, 2011 6:04 PM

    Yes, all men are PIGS, treating women like TOYS. Happy now?

    Do you know me? How you know I'm not educated? Which sentence that I've wrote tells you that I don't understand the word "Respect?" What mistake I've made and have to admit? Care to share?

    Keep your senseless bashing for your lucky man. Thanks.

    Single Guy


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  27. Hi to all the ladies here, I'm a men. It's funny I see you all posting about maturity and stuffs when your writing reflects your maturity. Come on, you ladies are too one sided. Basically just to sum things up, this website is an intrusion of other's privacy and with the pros, there are many cons too. Just cut things short, this blog will not deter men who wants to cheat from cheating. Get it? Grow up.

    In the end, women and wives cheat on their men too. It''s an unfair world. Learn to grow up and stop whining. be more mature. Instead, spend more time to build your relationship then to waste time here. I know you ladies are insecure, but communication is key okay? ;)

    And lastly, stop potraying you ladies as victims. It's uncalled for and very irritating. Learn to be strong and independent.

  28. Hope it's not too late !! Supporting !!

  29. U have my full support...Pls do not closed GC... Guys just cant be left unchecked.... They will somehow want to try "new", "fresh" things... So we must keep our tab on them....Pls keep it going....