Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 4

Anonymous said...
Lets think out of the box. If Geylang is a legal entity AND NORMAL LIFESTYLE in Singapore, WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC unless they aer guilty of something? Commercial sex is normal to me as government approves it so once again WHY ARE MEN SO DISTURBED WITH THEIR PHOTOS BEING PUBLISHED IN GC? If Geylang is so normal as what those guys commented, it should be no different to streets of Orchard road when you have your photos taken by "Just for Laugh" or candid pictures. SG GUYS . OXYMORON. Keep up the good work , GC checkers.


  1. i just knowing your operation. to me this mission sound a bit funny but i got to say that u are one smart chick. that right "smart" knowing a guy weakness call greediness. u see ones a person got everything like lust, money and power. he/she still think is not enough for him/her. in the end they choke to death unknowing. in buddhist law greed is one of the poison in our heart.u and your crew do take care and be careful whatever u do don't worry u have my support always. not by word by my heart.

  2. I am a Singaporean Chinese guy. I am not plump and average looking but I have not had a single girlfriend up till now. I love Singapore girls but none of them likes me.

    I have tried online dating, knowing more people etc. I agree and will prefer Singaporean girls to foreign girls but I have no choice.

    I occasionally visit Geylang because I have got no choice.

  3. I would like to contribute by joining the team.

  4. man are worse than pig

  5. > Commercial sex is normal to me as government
    > approves it so once again WHY ARE MEN SO
    > GC?

    Oh this is good. If your reasoning is right, are you saying that visiting geylang and patronising the legal prostitutes is as correct as buying a handbag in a mall in Orchard?

    If yes, then why the hell are we wasting time on this website?

    Regardless of the inherent sarcastic tone in the above comment, I am truly neutral in my views of the above. Creators and supporters of this website must really ask themselves if visiting prostitutes is criminally wrong or is it just a personal viewpoint.

  6. If men r pigs. Than wat makes a women?haha. I think u ladies are chicks b4 marriage, nagging hen after marriage than maybe rubber chicken after 50 yrs old. Ms Angie, all I can say is if u carry on with this crazy gc thing,I am sure u will stay single or become lesbian down the road. Y not find urself another man n have the love feelings start all over again? Spend more time to understand ur man rather than spending ur tums to take photos of bangalas walking along the streets. Wish u all the best in ur next relationship.

  7. Hi,

    How can we contribute to your cause ? My residents and I are staying near lorong 40 in a condo. of more than 100 apartments. Maybe we can start sending you photos or videos of dirty Singapore males picking up those foreign prostitutes at the pubs ?

    Cheers !

  8. Yes , for the photos you taken ,, you could send to geylangchecker@yahoo.com.sg.

    Thank you

    GC Team

  9. If i ever find my photo on GC, a lawsuit is not enough.
    I must be lethal in other ways.

  10. This is a poor argument, if someone was taking happy snaps of people browsing the 'incontinence pad' section of a store, do you think that would be ok? Due to public perception it's embarrassing to have such information released publicly, regardless of whether it's right or wrong (or they're 'guilty' as you say).

    I'm not trying to defend those cheating on their partners, but this site will generate collateral damage.