Monday, July 18, 2011

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted Till Now

Anonymous said...
When a man goes to geylang for the chicken, THEY ARE THE ONES who betray and break the relationships. Not checker. Why dont you haters/men put this way? Checker just want to protect the women whom are blissfully unaware that their husband or bf may contract Aids or some sexual disease from those chicken. "Men won't cheat if his woman can satisfy him." LOL? OH SO NOW THE WOMAN IS THE BLAME FOR MEN INFIDELITY? IF the wife/gf cooks for him, do the housework, slog at work, give birth to his child, but couldnt give him a good sex, its time to cheat on her? What happen to mutual trust, love and care? I got friends that can give their bfs good sex, but they still stray. WHY? see the same face everyday till bored, so must fk some random slut? If checker is the one that expose those despo guys and cause breakup or divorce, GOOD. Let their ex wife and gf know its not worth to stay with those jerks. You CHEATING men are the ones that cause heartbreaks and even pass sexual diseases to the innocent. They can find a better men elsewhere. If there are strain in the relationship, TALK. NOT WITH YOUR PENIS. Am I saying all the men? No, its those CHEATING men. I feel so unjusified for checkers.


  1. I seldom replied on the comment post, but this comment really to our hearts of Geylang Checkers.
    Thank you.

  2. Great job GC. Ladies are always at the losing end when men are unfaithful. I despised such men and no pity shall be upon them. Carry on the great work and do justice for women!

  3. that's a very good post.. I totally agreed, guys should never cheat on his gf/wife no matter what. Even thru his wife might not give in to him at certain times due to some personal reasons..

    I do agreed that mutual trust and love is part of the relationship, those guys who cheated and continue to do so do not deserve any chance until they decided and make up their mind to stop completely. BUT AGAIN, Guys are greedy and human has one mindset, if I can do this w/o getting caught, I can do it again and again as well. (This is wrong! you are not only hurting your wife/gf, it's your own mind that you are polluting as well) I come from a broken family and my dad is like those guys, thus I totally understand as a child from a broken family.

  4. Why Singaporean ladies always have to suffer?
    Sigh. I pity us as ladies.... have to work , come back home still have to take care of kids and houschores whereas the money brought back by hubby is not SIGNIFICANTLY more than make matter worse, he is not even hard make matter worst, he finds another girl.


  5. This site is really interesting.
    While I think the original intention of the site, and its actions deserves some "respect", I have begin to wonder how genuine is this whole thing. Several images (particular those from 2010) were ripped straight off Google Map's Street View functions.

    For example, this image -- -- still bears the Google watermark on the left side. These by the way, are easily a year old from the supposed "actual date" posted on this site.

    Care to comment? If this post gets deleted or no explanation is given, I'll just take it that this whole effort is just for trolling and a sham.

  6. Men, think of your wife. It's not just the physical cheating that you are doing. Do you know that many HIV carriers in Singapore are monogamic wives who have only one sexual partner? It's because their husbands bring the disease back to them when they go out have flings and such.

    As a man, you are supposed to protect the women. Unfortunately, there are so many MCPs and misogynists in Singapore who feel women are to be exploited and not to be protected.

    I pity you. GC: you are doing a good job. Keep it up.

  7. I'm 31/male/married.Well,i admit that i used to frequent Geylang for girls too but that's was when i'm young and i've never cheat on any of my GF/Wife.I understand that guys do have the need but so do the ladies.Everywhere in the world is the same,Only the men will cheat on the ladies and the ladies won't do the same???
    I've read all the comments and frankly speaking, i do think this is quite a nice blog site.It just need to change the angle a bit.i just want to say something to the founder of this blog site,instead of targetting anyone, trying to destory someone's relationship or telling everyone that all men who go Geylang are bad,why not try to solve their problems. People are starting and trying to come to your blog to tell their sorrow and tears,especially the ladies.Why not advice,help and encourage them on how to resolve their problems.Like i've said,this is quite a nice blog site,i do hope it'll continue but you don't change your direction,It'll realli be a waste.Good luck.

  8. GC, thank you for ur effort and ur sacrifice and work done .
    Ignorance is not a bliss. Cheating men should be exposed. Some gf and wives blur blur, got stds is too late.
    GC, please continue this site. I totally support GC.

  9. Stupid website. We should open sluts checker website or SPG checkers. We have our freedom to around. It is our money. What can you do? Geylang will always be around. Let see how your website lasts. I bet another 1 year and it is gone.

  10. hi i m a married man. its a good site.but hw are we going to verify if the men in photos has paid for sex? wat if they are passer by n approach by those women? it really destroy those innocents