Sunday, January 26, 2014

evil lust and masturbate destroy luck and wealth 邪淫破财

邪淫破财 导致逢赌必输,倒霉,事事不如意。

I have just read on buddhism teachings.
it was mentioned why some guys always get into bad luck and lose their fortune 
Is because of evil lust and adultery and visiting prostitution and watching porno and masturbate and cheating on girls.

I have checked with some guys who always lose their money in stocks and forex, it's true that evil lust will cost your whole fortune to be wiped out. The lose money effect is quite immediate once you committed an evil sex act.

万恶淫为首。evil lust is the master of evil.
Let's stop our evil lust thoughts and repent.

Geylang Checker Founder