GDE Hub - Places to Catch Your Man

This map is crafted out by our GDEs (Geylang Domain Experts) . It shows the deployment of unlicensed prostitute in the lorongs of geylang. For those is Legal by government , i have tagged it as "Legal".
One of my team member (Female Geylang Checker Ground force) has actually told me on one incident that she saw a young professional handsome looking singaporean man patronizing the "Old China Aunites " near the middle small road of lorong 16 and lorong 18. Yucks.

More zoom in photos will be revealed in this page to show the hidden corners that men usually goes to.

Ladies, you can print out this map if you want. I do not know whether this post will benefit the Anti-Vice or boil up the pimps over there. Geylang Checkers once again at top risk!

Geylang Checker