Monday, July 18, 2011

Drastic Actions - Donation and Advertising Appeal Removed

In order to prove the sincerity of this website, GC has decided to remove the donation and advertising pages away to justify that we are not a money making site.

We will just survive on our own, its ok. Ladies in Singapore are used to this anyway when there is no help around.

Thank you.

Geylang Checker


  1. no help?
    ever seen a organisation like AWARE but for men?
    tell me who has no help now?

  2. "Yau Kuat Hey" in cantonese or "Got Guts" in English.

    Nice pic you have though face is covered - think u must be quite pretty in real life - why your ex-boyfriend so stupid cheat on you?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I thought "yau kuat hey" is 有骨气(have backbone).

    I beginning to think maybe is my fault after so many brain washing by the guys whom posted.

    I am starting to be weak inside me....

  5. or "yio chung" in mandarin? anyway my chinese not so good..

    er not sure what 'brainwashing' u talking about...u mean the guys who ask u to close down the site?

    why u care what the rest say? if u believe you can add value in what you are doing, then "Just Do It" lor.. dont need to look to others for approval one wat...

    but then again the line is quite in a) did you start this site as a personal vendetta to get back at guys becos your ex cheated on you? (read bits n pieces here n there about your ex cheating on you)

    b) Or to let women know that their boyfrens / husbands cheated on them?

    if (a), can the satisfaction of catching the guy sustain the energy and passion to continue the site?

    if (b), then what outcome do you want to see? the girl dumps the guy? what if they're married? the wife divorce the husband? what if the guy has children? do you think it's healthy for children to live without parental support?

    actually nowadays i also read a lot stories about women cheating on their husbands.. so no gender is perfect la.. each gender has their shortcomings...

    actually sorry not my business's a democratic country..can do wat u want..just bored so nothing to do just giving some tots to this...

  6. Helper,
    dun feel weak by these comments, they are nothing but just part of life, you will be more stronger as time goes by.


  7. After posting 3 comments, in totally well mannered phrase, I don't see my comment published. So it goes to say, you are really bias against one sex, MALE. There are as much cheating woman as there are to cheating man, so you reckon its ok for woman to cheat on man? Why target only on man? guys?

    You had said that if you received less than 50 responses by 1000 Hrs the next morning, you will close down GC, then the next day, I see it changed to Wednesday 2359 Hrs. Why? Buying more time? I really pity you. You don't need to close down GC, just do something more constructive to help women who are in such crisis. You are not promoting harmony but inciting more quarrels and breakups.

    As I am typing this comment, I am also having it captured in video so that I can post it to YouTube later on, just to show how BIAS you are in publishing comments that you feel benifit GC and not being fair to both gender. I hope you do some soul searching with what you are doing. Does it make you so happy to see couples break up? Does it make you so happy to see marriages end up in divorce?

    Think hard. What goes around, comes around. By the way, I don't visit Geylang. I honour my vow I took the day I get married. I have a wonderful wife and I like to keep it that way.

  8. To Geylang Checker & volunteers : Spend more time with your family members. When was the last time you had a family gathering? When was the last time you shown concern for a relative? Get a fulfiling hobby or find a religion ; do meaningful volunteer work to the less fortunate. Why spend time on this futile venture. There is no end to the sex trade be it local or nearby countries...not limited to Geylang. It is already a social problem.

    To all who seek commercial sex : Do the same above...spend time with family members.

  9. 19 July 2011 8.28am commenter..

    There's issues with the system as I even tried to post up more than 3 times. There's no verification code thus I would conclude it as a system error. This might not be what the founder deleted, unless you see your post like the above post as "This post has been removed by the author." than I'm speechless.

    Anyway, woman cheating on guys is lesser as compare to guy cheating on gals. and in any even if you mentioned that gals do cheat, why not you open a blog and start doing what the founder has done.

    I have started a team out of this "circle" it's more of a common interest and I tell you, it's not easy at all.

    Of cuz, couple break up anot, it would be their own mutual trust. Show me a photo of my wife and another guy, I would question her. She say no, I'll agree with her answer. It's as simple as that.

    Lastly, you are married and have a wonderful wife like me, why would you wan to "fame" GC? Fair or not, a person doesn't have 3 head 6 limbs. He/she can't do as much as anyone. We have the same 24 hours 1 head 2 hand 2 legs. If you think she could, you could do it as well. =)

    Just my 2 cents of comments.

  10. "women cheating on guys is less?". That's just casual a remark. Guys have big egos. Even if their gals cheat on them, they will only choose to suffer I'm silence. When a guy cheats on a gal, her GFs will know and then followed by many.

  11. 19 July 2011 11.19am commenter..

    lolx.. Frankly speaking.. I used to be one of those people whom you see outside loitering around. My gfs? Lost count ler. Anyone "cheated" me? Sorry to say but no. How many I cheated? Sorry, lost count. simple as that.. Egos big means nothing. It's only how the man manage his own gf.

    Why I can say no, because I know all her friends, I have friends all over her hang around places. Lastly, I trust her. But, ah bengs never had an real feelings towards any gals until they found "The One that changed him".

    Let things settled down ya? If you persist that much. Go ahead and open a blog and catch all the "cheating gf/wifes". I'll be there to support you.. =)

    Just a lao beng you see out in the streets.

  12. hmmm...actually i was thinking about the part where the founder (is it Angie?) says her ex cheated on her

    just wondering why would a girl be at geylang at nite and so coincidental happen to see his boyfriend coming down the stairs of some brothel...some more not safe for a girl to walk there alone - she may be mistaken for a prostitute or street walker

    And unlikely the girl would want to go in to these brothel to look..the operator would probably not allow her or shoo her off

    unless you were driving and in a car waiting there, but for what purpose? and how do you know exactly which brothel to wait...hmm...just doesn't add up

    no offence, but i was thinking could it be maybe it's BS that there's a theme behind this site, and attract publicity and traffic to the site for future plans

    must be careful esp when it comes to social media and the internet, nowadays a lot of things BS one..

    er no offence ya...just thinking from another perspective

    hmm...maybe i think too much from watching "Criminal Minds" or other detective series.

  13. For entertainment purpose only (from a male's viewpoint) :)

    The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself ('60s song)
    (search Youtube for video)

    OH NO!

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    i thank you girl as ur standing there
    your low-cut slacks and your long black hair
    i want you going, i want noone else
    coz when im with you i cant control myself

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    you got me so that my nerves are breakin
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    ive got this feeling thats inside of me
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    it makes me feel alright
    when im with you at night
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    you fill me so with this big temptation
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    this kind of feeling could move a nation
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    but im ok when im here with you
    i do the things that you want me to
    i do these things for noone else
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