Monday, July 18, 2011

50 comments challenge

If we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

Singaporean ladies, you make the call , GC 's future depends on you.


  1. counter 10:

    SG MEN that i known have sex with their female insurance agents routinely as these female insurance agent regards them as FUCK BUDDIES or for the sake of continual of insurance policies. They normally do it lunch time in car or transit hotels. Ladies, now immediately ask your hubbies to change insurance agent to male ones!

  2. I think Singaporean men are being restrained by the society that why they are so horny inside ...but they can DIY ! why need to be unfaithful ?!!

    counter increase :11

  3. You really dont need to ask for comments to get it going. It makes you look like a serious attention grabbing comment whore.

    I seriously think you need help.

    I've been there. All you need is time. Give it some time. You will be fine.

    And why do you even want to moderate comments? You are like a lot of people I know. Only want to hear and display the good stuffs.

    Oh yes, and your GC in my opinion should not even continue. Families will be broken up by you. Innocent men or not. Why drag others into your own shit? So you can feel better?

    Take care and may your wounds be healed soon.

  4. Also, adsense and asking for donation?

    Your ads take up more space than your postings. Your agenda is clear as crystal.

    Tsk tsk tsk...

    It's really time to wake up.

  5. Well there are men who cheat, and there are men who DON'T. For the men who cheat, I don't care what your reasons are, if you get caught - don't blame it on HOW, WHERE, WHO or WHAT gave you away - blame it on your straying mind/heart/dick.

    You have a lot of explaining to do and good luck.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Saw this on the newspaper! Support!

  7. just close down la.. need what 50 comments abt fidelity? clearly u are just emotionally imbalanced and this geylang checker is just serving your personal vendetta against men

  8. Although GC is not able to deter all guys from flirting. But at least some will not dare to go as they're scared to be exposed. Please carry on~!

  9. As a caring and loyal husband and father, I hope those who frequent prostitution or threatening the GC members should repent for your deeds.

    If you are 'man' enough, why angered by GC actions ? If you dare to search for prostitutes in the pubs, streets or brothels publicly, why are you fearing your photos will be shown in the public ?

    If you feel no guilt hurting the feelings of your girlfriend, wife and family members with your lustful actions, then why should you feel injustice when you are being exposed ?

    I personally know of a few cases of fathers abandoning their families after being too closed with those PRC prostitutes !

    I even saw how irresponsible males fondling those prostitutes at the pubs along lorong 44 to 40 in front of the kids and teenagers. What if your kids saw what you are doing ....don't you have any shame or respect for yourself and others ?

    Thanks GC for bringing out the huge social problems that these prostitution are attracting. Maybe, it is about time that the authorities should closed down these sleazy hotels, pubs, etc. that thrived on prostitution.

    Praying for peace and safety for GC members.

    Best Regards,

  10. totally agreed with Sam!

    Guys who strongly agreed with the closing of GC is someone who always went to Geylang, I had this conversation with at least 10 guys (all my colleagues) over lunch hour, they strongly agreed GC should remain.

    *GC pose no thread to anyone who don't lie to their gf or wife.. ;)

  11. Dear Sam,can I ask y u r at such places during tat particular time n able to see those ass men in action w the gals?were u there for the same reason or u gonna tell us u r there for bean curd only. Common la,not all men will ditch their family for these gals. For those who did,I personally curse them rotten dick myself. But I am a geylang visitor myself so pls dun throw the whole basket of eggs away bcos of a few bad ones. Gc pose no threat,ya I know but it pose certain threat to ur own members taking photos in a rowdy place like geylang. I dun tink u wan to see ur own members get into any life threatening issues if they r caught right?tink twice b4 u Make anymore attempts to test these punks patience.