Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did we catch the right guys?

Hi , a lot of people including reporters has
been asking us whether are we catching the
WRONG people?
This question is easily answered by the confluence factors of Probability and the Knowledge of Wife/GF themselves.

Please see the page on " Did we catch the right guys" for the full details.


  1. thewaysg@gmail.comFebruary 7, 2011 at 2:50 PM

    I hope you don't mind me making two comments.

    First one here:-

    I don't know how good an idea this is, really.

    Seriously, what's the point of catching your boyfriends or your husbands doing this, and then giving them a chance to make it up to you?

    Even if I concede you giving them one chance, what if they do it again and again, you catch them doing it again and again, but you still give them repeated chances to make it up to you etc?

    At the end of the day, if your BFs or husbands do this, it isn't the girls' fault as much as it is your BFs or husbands.

    Yet, very often I've found out cases–some of people I know personally, some of those I hear form others etc–where the GFs or wives let their mates/spouses off repeatedly (after making a lot of noise about giving them a hard time or punishing them) and even reward their poor behaviour by having their children etc.

    They always like to blame the third parties, but honestly their mates/spouses are the ones to blame 95 percent, if not totally.

  2. thewaysg@gmail.comFebruary 7, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    My second comment: I don't think you have enough photos and more importantly enough relevant and useful photos. (Or am I searching wrong...?)

    Really doesn't look like you have people going there to take pix on a regular basis (let alone daily) and a lot of the pix that you have onsite are not very useful. For instance: some random Hotel 81 during the day when there's no human or car traffic; or some uncles walking up or down an even numbered Geyland sidestreet with plastic bags in hand. Honestly, they don't look to me like they're going for any action. Rather, they're going home with packed lunch or something like that.

  3. to the blog starter,

    May i ask what really is the point of this?
    i mean since ur a gal u can start this, what if a guy takes offence and start another 1 like this for those who have been made a cuckold, have you tot of that?
    its not really only girls who are treated unfairly. guys are too, sometimes girls are the reason why guys visit these kind places, gals who frequent this blog should really reflect on themselves before making rash decisions.
    Hmm and please do tell me y and y really cant guys visit these places?
    are u going to say because they have u? they have to be loyal to you?? they cant relief themself?? they are bound to you in chains?? is that it?
    is this really wat a typical girl thinks??
    are girls becoming more and more paranoid these days??
    have u ever tot, what if u shot a guy ther but he went there looking for durians or geylang's famous chicken rice, and his wife found this blog and saw his picture? how is he going to explain that? well are u going to say that 'oh he should be honest tell her early'?? bullshit, do i have to inform my wife when i go shit?? same theory applies. then wat u have made here is to break up families and create more single mum and dads, not helping others.

    from my point of view i see that this blog is created by a grp of paranoid gals and gals that do not want to look to the future but lives in the past.

    may god bless u.

  4. How come you didn't publish my comment posted yesterday? Will you publish this one?

    As far as you are concerned every guy who goes off to Gey-land for a bit of dirty fun is somehow "guilty".

    Man, you guys are worse than the church ;-)

  5. Don't worry, the next appeal for donation is coming soon after all these wayang.

  6. I am worry for guys with sensitive gf/wife. Their broken marriage can be just due to an innocent pic at a high risk area. He can be an innocent man... You can claim that wife are given a choice to define what she see... But mind you, altho the chances of having a sensitive/paranoid wife is low, but there is still a chance... Your effort is good, I just hope no innocent man being drag into unwanted business....

    Always be loyal and honest to your loved one..

  7. Hi,

    This blog is like an advertistment for PI or scam site asking for donation.

    Pool your investment. Force your man to tag with GPS, like great white, killer whale etc. The readings will be sent to your email. Likewise, pls tag one for yourself and let your man have those readings too. Best is you can conduct your research with the readings ... use your research for different business models.

    You can suggest to government to close Geylang or toll for entering Geylang and publish the cars entering Geylang.

  8. Hi, i go there during night time so catch me if you could if you have the skill to take clear picture at night.

  9. Hi. There's a certain level of stupidity here. By shooting any random car or guy in Geylang and it means the person went to the whores??? As a woman point of view, I appreciate the hardwork n kind intention. As a men point of view, get a better job please...... The society needs better contribution other than these pointless acts..

  10. -.- All them cheating mansluts getting quite the bit defensive eh.

    Honestly? Nothing "guilty" about having your "dirty fun" if you're not doing it behind your partner's back or even have one.

    And quote
    "Hmm and please do tell me y and y really cant guys visit these places?
    are u going to say because they have u? they have to be loyal to you?? they cant relief themself?? they are bound to you in chains?? is that it?
    is this really wat a typical girl thinks??"

    It's like the worst male chauvinist pig remark ever.
    Oooh, look at me! I'm a guy, I have this little weewee, and it's belongs in one than one place! Cause I'm a rebel, yeah~ \m/

    Please, if you're so anal about commitment, DON'T GET GIRLFRIEND/GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    It's like YOU want to tie a girl down with an emotional chain, while you feel like you should have the right to fuck around?

    And yet after saying all this, it becomes a whole different story when she starts 'relieving herself' with another, doesn't it?

    What goes around, will come around.

  11. erm, i came across this site recently and i have 1 question for you.
    For me, i do not quite know where the prostitutes are but i know where the durian stalls are. Me and my gf normally go geylang together to buy durians but sometimes she on OT i need go buy alone. So, how do you judge a person that is only going to geylang to eat and not there to erm... cheat on his spouse?

    Can reply to this post asap? cos i don't want my photo anyhow got published without my permission and i am wrongly accused.

    Ps. i know some of the common place but long time never update so i scare later kena photo

  12. What if the guy is single?