Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Opposition Comments by SG GUY- "to be fair to them - GC"

Anonymous said...
---As quoted----- Anonymous said... Don't close down the website. The truth is, a lot of guys are afraid of getting caught. Ignore the negative comments, and don't be affected especially by the personal attacks. Be brave, be courageous, take heart... and be confident in the cause of Geylang Checker. July 17, 2011 11:52 AM -------------- You really need to put yourself in others shoe instead of just siding people of the same gender as you. Because how I feel with what your doing is like your grouping man as a total species of animal, and doesn't need to care for alot. In your mind you only protect and acknowledge ladies. To make it sound bad, your like a gay who hates dicks because apparently you had a bad childhood from ur sucky angry father. All you had been thinking, oh know, what if the girl got cheated by the guy? Oh dea, i so pity the girl, the boyfriend dumped him! But can you even put yourself in a male shoe for at least 1 scenerio? The site took photo of random man walking on the streets and label them cheaters, somewhat indirectly. (Yes they still seems like it even if you dont say it out directly) Can you bloody imagine how would you feel when some guy start up slut checker, take photo of random ladies on the street, put up on their blog, then call you slut finder, finding ang mo to dig their wallet? Yes I sympathised founder, whose boyfriend apparently cheated on him for some chicken. But she needs to get over it, move on, and if she have so much extra time, she can learn to work out on the reason why the relationship failed, (e.g bad pick, should had understand him more before dating) instead of spending time stalking pimps and breaking down their not very moral business, butting into other's people relationship and breaking them up. Because even though prostitution is not very moral, it doesn't harm people. Even if those people who finds hooker(not cheater) does things that are not very moral, its not illegal or harm anybody else well. In fact they decrease rape crimes. You dont have to embarass them just because you happened to study psychology and know they will be embarrassed if found out.. I'm sorry but thats what I think. This site is sexism abusing the fact that anti-sexism only goes one way and not the other gender. If you want to expose cheaters. Then dont drag other men not involved in, in any way, any small small way like taking the innoncent pictures. And no, even though you say its just a picture off a naturalist. Its still offending imo. I know many guy gonna disagree with me, because imo, you all just want to pretend to be gentleman and act like a ladies' man. Hence you do this pretend you support whatever they does and set up woman charter, but in truth, can you think abit more like your real innerself and for man who doesn't have the same belief as you. BTW, one recommmendation I have for you sg girls is to work on your attitude to sex instead of mere activity to put up with men. Even if you have no sexual attraction to the men because you are with him for his status, can you at least pretend you really love and lust for his body and enjoy sex, instead of treating of something to put up with ur husband, men like you wants their body to be loved after all. I think thats where chicken are good at, they are good at pretending. You may think a horny woman only makes you looks like a slut, but how is it a slut when you only do it/show the side of you to your husband? Anyway, this is the only recommendation, theres still many many methods to improve your relationship because sex is only a small part of relationship. I hope you have a goal now at least instead of taking down every men who patronize geylang because of your freaking boyfriend, the root causes of this web.


  1. Imagine if you see your sister's bf or husband go to geylang look for chickens or your daughter's bf or husband do the same. Would you blame the lady or hate that man, want to bash him up?

  2. To SG GUY- "to be fair to them - GC" who commented "..I hope you have a goal now at least instead of taking down every men who patronize geylang because of your freaking boyfriend, the root causes of this web. "

    I disagreed with your comment. Founder may have bad experience with her boyfriend, her website does raise problems pertaining to irresponsible husbands and boyfriends that becoming social issues for Singapore. Besides, the problems of growing rampant prostitution in Singapore has placed Singapore as watchlist for human trafficking ; not forgetting broken families and HIV threats to their partners.

  3. SG Guy said - Even if those people who finds hooker(not cheater) does things that are not very moral, its not illegal or harm anybody else well.

    SG Guy should know that the prostitution are not victimless or harmless. First, nobody including the prostitute will want to risk their health or life to have sex with a total you. If you have a daughter or sister, will you permit them and said it is harmless or not illegal for them to prostitute themselves ?

    Secondly, there are no proof, evidence or study to show that less prostitution, more rape cases. Can you produce one ? Besides, Geylang has hundreds of prostitutes (legal and illegal ), why are there still molest and rape cases in Singapore ?

    Thirdly, the harms done to the wife and family children are real when a husband or father visited prostitution. The emotional pains and depression can resulted in the wife and children.

    Fourthly, AIDs and other sex-related diseases have known to pass to the wife and girlfriend when the man contracted such diseases from prostitution.

    Hence, SG Guy, please don't say there are no harm done to others. You should be ashame of what you comment may lead others or youths to think it is okay to look for prostitutes.

  4. Hey! Please keep this website going on & expose all those disgusting men who cheats & think they will never get caught! SG men are like this.. Wants to be 大男人 & yet being irresponsible to their loved ones.. Act busy working & excuses to meet guy friends to have their "freedom" & "men's talk" bullshit!! Ended up all picking up loose dirty shameless women and checking in hotels in geylang and having fun & being MIA. I seriously hate those guys. Just expose them! As much as you can.. They dun need to be protected. From what they did.. They are already being shameless!

  5. Too bad, I have shifted out from Lorong 14 Geylang, after selling off my apartment (just to clarify)

    I lived there for 3years+. Every morning, on my way to work, I will see a few SG cars picking up the sex workers. I always wonder, whether these guys have their fun before going to work. If so, then a different time pattern is emerging.
    In the evening, from 6pm to 10pm, Geylang will be thronged by the male foreigners. Then around 11pm, the SG cars come around. So, do not think that your guy is visiting Geylang only in the evening.

  6. For the post regarding prostitution not being victimless or harmless. Yes, there are situations where harm is done. However if the market was there I would sell my body in a heartbeat, does this mean I like to make a victim of myself? No, it means the reward outweighs the risk. Driving a car is not 'victimless', innocent people die, there's this thing called a tradeoff. People risk their life in some lines of work all the time, nobody wants to risk their life, why don't you protest other hazardous occupations?

    AIDs and other sex related diseases? If these didn't exist, attitudes towards prostitution would not change, at all. There are risks, but in this instance you're using them as an excuse to justify your position. It's not the risks you care about, it's the act of someone paying for sexual services that you feel is wrong, so at least be honest about it.

    I think it's wrong for those in a relationship to secretly seek intimacy elsewhere. However for single people, understand that it can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. I just wish more was done to help those who are forced into this line of work, who have not freely chosen it. The more this industry is frowned upon and forced underground, the more vulnerable workers are to this type of exploitation.