Monday, July 18, 2011

Drastic Actions - Donation and Advertising Appeal Removed

In order to prove the sincerity of this website, GC has decided to remove the donation and advertising pages away to justify that we are not a money making site.

We will just survive on our own, its ok. Ladies in Singapore are used to this anyway when there is no help around.

Thank you.

Geylang Checker

Best Opposition Comments by SG GUY- "to be fair to them - GC"

Anonymous said...
---As quoted----- Anonymous said... Don't close down the website. The truth is, a lot of guys are afraid of getting caught. Ignore the negative comments, and don't be affected especially by the personal attacks. Be brave, be courageous, take heart... and be confident in the cause of Geylang Checker. July 17, 2011 11:52 AM -------------- You really need to put yourself in others shoe instead of just siding people of the same gender as you. Because how I feel with what your doing is like your grouping man as a total species of animal, and doesn't need to care for alot. In your mind you only protect and acknowledge ladies. To make it sound bad, your like a gay who hates dicks because apparently you had a bad childhood from ur sucky angry father. All you had been thinking, oh know, what if the girl got cheated by the guy? Oh dea, i so pity the girl, the boyfriend dumped him! But can you even put yourself in a male shoe for at least 1 scenerio? The site took photo of random man walking on the streets and label them cheaters, somewhat indirectly. (Yes they still seems like it even if you dont say it out directly) Can you bloody imagine how would you feel when some guy start up slut checker, take photo of random ladies on the street, put up on their blog, then call you slut finder, finding ang mo to dig their wallet? Yes I sympathised founder, whose boyfriend apparently cheated on him for some chicken. But she needs to get over it, move on, and if she have so much extra time, she can learn to work out on the reason why the relationship failed, (e.g bad pick, should had understand him more before dating) instead of spending time stalking pimps and breaking down their not very moral business, butting into other's people relationship and breaking them up. Because even though prostitution is not very moral, it doesn't harm people. Even if those people who finds hooker(not cheater) does things that are not very moral, its not illegal or harm anybody else well. In fact they decrease rape crimes. You dont have to embarass them just because you happened to study psychology and know they will be embarrassed if found out.. I'm sorry but thats what I think. This site is sexism abusing the fact that anti-sexism only goes one way and not the other gender. If you want to expose cheaters. Then dont drag other men not involved in, in any way, any small small way like taking the innoncent pictures. And no, even though you say its just a picture off a naturalist. Its still offending imo. I know many guy gonna disagree with me, because imo, you all just want to pretend to be gentleman and act like a ladies' man. Hence you do this pretend you support whatever they does and set up woman charter, but in truth, can you think abit more like your real innerself and for man who doesn't have the same belief as you. BTW, one recommmendation I have for you sg girls is to work on your attitude to sex instead of mere activity to put up with men. Even if you have no sexual attraction to the men because you are with him for his status, can you at least pretend you really love and lust for his body and enjoy sex, instead of treating of something to put up with ur husband, men like you wants their body to be loved after all. I think thats where chicken are good at, they are good at pretending. You may think a horny woman only makes you looks like a slut, but how is it a slut when you only do it/show the side of you to your husband? Anyway, this is the only recommendation, theres still many many methods to improve your relationship because sex is only a small part of relationship. I hope you have a goal now at least instead of taking down every men who patronize geylang because of your freaking boyfriend, the root causes of this web.

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 2

Anonymous said...
Guilty men trying to close down this website. Shift around the blame to the girls? I saw the joke of the year comment here. "Simple reason. You buy a Giordano shirt for a foreigner, they will appreciate you for life. You buy the same shirt for a Sg gal, they think you are a cheapskate. " LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!`~11! Are you living in 3rd world country? You get the same shit response everywhere. Those that seems grateful are either poor or too polite to tell you in your face you are CHEAP. And for ur info, whatever my bf gets for me, a $5 shirt or $500 dress. I always feel grateful and loved. Its not the amount that counts, it the thought. BTW, its true cheating people is all around. But by exposing those in geylang, transmitting of sexual disease to the innocent partner can be lowered. Dont you guys know prostitute fk with all the guys that paid them? Their hole is disgustingly dirty and loose.

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted Till Now

Anonymous said...
When a man goes to geylang for the chicken, THEY ARE THE ONES who betray and break the relationships. Not checker. Why dont you haters/men put this way? Checker just want to protect the women whom are blissfully unaware that their husband or bf may contract Aids or some sexual disease from those chicken. "Men won't cheat if his woman can satisfy him." LOL? OH SO NOW THE WOMAN IS THE BLAME FOR MEN INFIDELITY? IF the wife/gf cooks for him, do the housework, slog at work, give birth to his child, but couldnt give him a good sex, its time to cheat on her? What happen to mutual trust, love and care? I got friends that can give their bfs good sex, but they still stray. WHY? see the same face everyday till bored, so must fk some random slut? If checker is the one that expose those despo guys and cause breakup or divorce, GOOD. Let their ex wife and gf know its not worth to stay with those jerks. You CHEATING men are the ones that cause heartbreaks and even pass sexual diseases to the innocent. They can find a better men elsewhere. If there are strain in the relationship, TALK. NOT WITH YOUR PENIS. Am I saying all the men? No, its those CHEATING men. I feel so unjusified for checkers.

50 comments challenge

If we didn't receive extra 50 bad comments of Singaporean men in terms of fidelity from now to Wednesday 2359hrs, GC will be closed.

Singaporean ladies, you make the call , GC 's future depends on you.