Friday, July 15, 2011

Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes?

"Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes, other nationalities girls?"

This is the thought that i have been thinking all the while in my mind. Am i not better than them?
Are we Singaporean ladies really so bad and inferior that Singaporean men wants to look for them....
Its really pain me so much when i saw my boyfriend walks down that staircase of the brothel in geylang lorong 18 on May 15 2010 935pm kissing a goodbye kiss to that girl. I never forget this date.

Why Singaporean ladies have to face all these things despite we truly love our man and give them the love they want ? This is really so hurting till now i will tear whenever i thought of this.

Singaporean ladies, Are we really in wrong that why Singaporean man is not faithful to us?

Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?

"Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?"

This is the popular question posted to me often. In the pantry of my office, now they are having ad-hoc discussion over Geylang Checker . They are debating on whether GC really catches the correct guy, maybe they are residents? I am just slipping my coffee and being as passive as possible , in my heart, i am not as strong as i portrayed, i still felt nervous that they could know i am the Founder. I am still weak.

Back to the question. How to know they are actually workers, employees, bypassers or residents around geylang instead of prostitute finders?

The answer is simple and elaborated in the link "Did We Catch the Right guys?

But over here , let me add more explanation to this.
We always hide the faces and car plates of the "potential" men that we took photos of. This already made this particular man unknown and anonymous. Unless that man admits himself that he is the masked or mosaic-ed person.

We will do over here is to leverage on a Theory called Probability and Prior Knowledge of Wife/GF that leads to the hypothesis/inference/extrapolated identification of that man.

10 Steps Scenario Play-  Take for example,
1. The man LIEs to the wife that he is going to  VivoCity with friends at 9pm
2. GC ladies commandos took photo of this man in geylang in lorong 18 (legal prostitute houses). ->Probability Theory in Even numbered Lorongs
3. GC masked the face of this man in photo.
4. GC published this masked face photo on web but still reveals the apparels and clothings of this man
5. Wife goes to check on GC routinely daily and happens to see this masked face man photo with SAME clothing(for that day) and wearing an limited edition special watch that she bought for her husband/bf. -> Correlation / Hypothesis Theory by Wife
6. Bingo! Wife/GF  immediately questions Husband/ BF.
7.Questioning starts for that Man to explain himself.
8.Either Man succeeded to explain himself out or being caught formally by wife/gf .
 9. This Man will dislike to go to Geylang anymore because of this hassle.
10. Deterrence level increases for Singaporean Men in cheating at Geylang.

So GC is not explicitly exposing that man cheats, because we NEVER reveal the face or car plate numbers.
Its the Ghost in the hearts of the Cheating Man that catches up fast with his karma.

Thank you for the support

Today, lots of emails flooded me and i am busy replying them through my iphone.
Ever since My Paper reported that i am working in one of the Big5 auditing company, a few of my colleagues today seems suspicious of me that i am the founder of Geylang Checker because some of them knew my past but maybe its my own thinkings, they have not realized that i am the Founder.

Thank you for the console and encouragement emails given to me by many. Some have advised me to get it over with. Some have advised me to be extra careful, really appreciate that. One thing i want to tell to the whole of Singapore is that i will not let go of this. I will not .

Thank you David Lim from SPH (My Paper) for giving a very elaborated report of me. I want to thank him for his professionalism unlike other reporters whom selectively revealed only one facet of my story and setting a doubt to others.

Many people said that this is a scam. If you all think so, please dont click the "Donate button" , its ok. As usual. we ladies in Singapore again are being bullied and look down. There is no support from public,. we are fine because from the disappointments we had from Singaporean men, we have learn how to be independent and stay strong always. I believe that one day, some people will eventually realise that this is not a scam.

From a simple phototaking or google photos(if people wants to claim it) to active photo taking and night shots, the point has been achieved, momentum has kickstarted, the momentum of deterrence , the momentum of catching cheating Singaporean men, this is the whole point.Its now being becoming as a whistle-blower platform with support from both sexes, especially our male GDE, GWE and GHEs. 

This will be the tipping point for more things to be done for the welfare of ladies, wives, mums, gfs in the whole of Singapore. Go forward, Singaporean Ladies!

Our Team at Geylang Checker, salutes.

Geylang Checker Team