Monday, July 18, 2011

50 Comments Challenge - Best Comment Posted 2

Anonymous said...
Guilty men trying to close down this website. Shift around the blame to the girls? I saw the joke of the year comment here. "Simple reason. You buy a Giordano shirt for a foreigner, they will appreciate you for life. You buy the same shirt for a Sg gal, they think you are a cheapskate. " LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!`~11! Are you living in 3rd world country? You get the same shit response everywhere. Those that seems grateful are either poor or too polite to tell you in your face you are CHEAP. And for ur info, whatever my bf gets for me, a $5 shirt or $500 dress. I always feel grateful and loved. Its not the amount that counts, it the thought. BTW, its true cheating people is all around. But by exposing those in geylang, transmitting of sexual disease to the innocent partner can be lowered. Dont you guys know prostitute fk with all the guys that paid them? Their hole is disgustingly dirty and loose.


  1. please don't ever close down this site I support wat anonymous said.u must help other sg ladies.if ppl say that sg guys r honest and dint cheat,then the pubs and nite clubs won't be opening one after another!!!I'll always support u gc founder,stay strong!!!

  2. Ya anonymous, your hole is disgusting and loose too. I'm a guy here and happen to pass by your comment. While I applaud your effort to help your gender. I would like to say something. I'm a 20 year old guy, although maybe not as much experience as you in life but I will openly tell you, respect others as you want others to respect you.

    Do you even know those prostitutes by person, do you think all of them like to be f*C)K around by guys all night? Let me tell you, no one in hell wants to be fu#Jked by some unknown strangers every day and night and no one in hell wants their hole to be disgusting and loose! Do they even have a choice? Many of them are duped here from their country in promise of a better living and stuffs. Even if they are selling their bodies for cash, you gotta respect them that they are still earning a living themselves. Respect people if you want people to respect you my dear.

    Lastly, it's not the prostitute fault for having sex with your men or whatever. In business, you don't turn down customers. It's the men's choice to go to the prostitute themselves due to their uncontrollable desires which how in the hell I know maybe you can't fulfill!

    And to jesslyn, what the hell is wrong? It seems like sg ladies are in the suffering. Go out to see the world. How many women are cheating on their men too. In this world, nothing is fair. Live with it. Just know that you have not betray your own conscience will do. If this is the typical sg girls mindset, then I would say most of the girls are doom. You need to be smart, independent and opiniated and not always overly depend on someone. Learn the history of Singapore and what the British did to us. These nightclubs are opened to fulfil different sectors of the industry and the consumer's desires. They are not in the wrong. rather the people who seek them for your so called "immoral" activities.

    Sorry for my long ranting here, just a piece of my mind. Peace and ciaos.