Friday, July 15, 2011

Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?

"Did We REALLY Catch the Correct Guys?"

This is the popular question posted to me often. In the pantry of my office, now they are having ad-hoc discussion over Geylang Checker . They are debating on whether GC really catches the correct guy, maybe they are residents? I am just slipping my coffee and being as passive as possible , in my heart, i am not as strong as i portrayed, i still felt nervous that they could know i am the Founder. I am still weak.

Back to the question. How to know they are actually workers, employees, bypassers or residents around geylang instead of prostitute finders?

The answer is simple and elaborated in the link "Did We Catch the Right guys?

But over here , let me add more explanation to this.
We always hide the faces and car plates of the "potential" men that we took photos of. This already made this particular man unknown and anonymous. Unless that man admits himself that he is the masked or mosaic-ed person.

We will do over here is to leverage on a Theory called Probability and Prior Knowledge of Wife/GF that leads to the hypothesis/inference/extrapolated identification of that man.

10 Steps Scenario Play-  Take for example,
1. The man LIEs to the wife that he is going to  VivoCity with friends at 9pm
2. GC ladies commandos took photo of this man in geylang in lorong 18 (legal prostitute houses). ->Probability Theory in Even numbered Lorongs
3. GC masked the face of this man in photo.
4. GC published this masked face photo on web but still reveals the apparels and clothings of this man
5. Wife goes to check on GC routinely daily and happens to see this masked face man photo with SAME clothing(for that day) and wearing an limited edition special watch that she bought for her husband/bf. -> Correlation / Hypothesis Theory by Wife
6. Bingo! Wife/GF  immediately questions Husband/ BF.
7.Questioning starts for that Man to explain himself.
8.Either Man succeeded to explain himself out or being caught formally by wife/gf .
 9. This Man will dislike to go to Geylang anymore because of this hassle.
10. Deterrence level increases for Singaporean Men in cheating at Geylang.

So GC is not explicitly exposing that man cheats, because we NEVER reveal the face or car plate numbers.
Its the Ghost in the hearts of the Cheating Man that catches up fast with his karma.


  1. With this explanation, i am finally clear. Geylang Checker is not treading on law. Residents , dun need be afraid anymore. This whole article means dun lie to your wife/gf on where u going later.

  2. This Angie really quite smart and now she seems more vocal and more daring to voice out more. Even her own inner feelings now is broadcasted to whole singapore. interesting, i will keep track of her now daily

  3. Next time, husband will leave the house ("going to Vivocity, dear...", change clothing in the car, before proceeding to Geyland with a Pasar Malam quality watch... So your steps are still smart? Think again... A cheater remains a cheater.

  4. My friend who is married and visits geylang regularly for the fun part in life. He parks His car in Toa payoh stadium and travel to Geylang by taxi. I think he is smarter than these ladies..

  5. With urs lousy camera. how to identify? 'Wife goes to check on GC routinely daily and happens to see this masked face man photo with SAME clothing(for that day) and wearing an limited edition special watch that she bought for her husband/bf'

    Either u get another job or u get a gd camera. I think u jus took any guy who u see on rd and post online and accused them that they went to look for prostitutes.

    I m female. i must stand out to defend some guys out there. ok, guy might be bastards at time but afterall it belong to other relationship problem. u know by u doing all this u r hurtng ppl and breaking ppl rs. sometime the guy might go there for food, meeting or appt and they happen to be jus a passerby and u capture their photo and post online and what will their gf feel after they see it?

    For ur case(read it in yahoo!singapore), ur bf cheated u and u saw it with ur own eyes but those girls who is behind the computer looking thru ur photo n suddenly saw a look-a-like guy as her bf, doing nothing maybe jus crossing the rd or talking on phone and their gf accuse them n break up which the guy really nv do anything. don put ur unhappiness into ppl rs. count urself unlucky to have such a bf.

    stop doing all this, It really don help. Either u capture the guy hugging a girl n come out from the hotel or stop what u r doing right now.

  6. Telling the media how you catch these so called cheaters is not really wise, you have only endangered your volunteers. Anyway, good luck to you even though I don't support what you are doing.

  7. Geylang prostitution was legalized for a reason. It goes real in-dept to deter social disruption. Many women are safe or even marriages are saved cause of it.

    you, honesty, are just looking at the tip of mount Everest.

    Just get over on what has happened to you, those ppl there have done no harm to you or your family, why must u do so to theirs??

  8. I think this is really cute and funny... lmao

  9. I m 28,below average looking and nvr had luck wif sg gerls.. I m single and my sex drive is high, if i cant 'release' at geylang then wat shud i do?wat if my sis saw my pic?my cousins or my collegue? Malu sia eventhough i didnt cheat on anyone.. Hey checker, u tink u so smart ah?

  10. There are way better places to find girls than geylang where the checker girls don't go...

  11. So, all the coffeeshops near the even numbers should be close down to avoid troubles that you might give them ah?

    So what if you blur the face and carplate? You try to mosaic your bloody face then post your photo big big in the facebook, see if your friends recognize you or not?

    You need a doctor.

  12. you people really have no idea who you all are messing with.

    I hope you are not making the volunteers do all the work while you maintain the site.

  13. you say their faces are covered/???? how come for some of the photos, i can see them so clearly??????

  14. My salesmen tell me about this site. I run a business selling supplies (drinks, food, tidbits, some fashion) to Geylang brothels. I go sometimes bcos they are my customers, but not use the ladies services. If you put up pictures of me and my sales people, I will sue. My lawyer say if I sue, I can get blogger to reveal your identity that traceable via email. My friends also run business selling laundry cleaning, renovation, travel services etc to Geylang brothel, so they also sue if you put up their picture.

  15. Dont you think it is interfering with someone else business.. What legitimate right one have? Quite a pathetic idea, it can create Caos.. What if someone sues?