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Interesting Pic Posted

Think about the above question posted.

This will be the question i have been longing to ask. I am beautiful as what others has claimed.
Why my bf still find another woman down the streets, worst thing is prostitute.

Why? Can anyone tell me why?!

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  1. When confronted with natural phenomena – in this case the apparent case of men seeking many sexual partners whilst most women seek only one, turn to science.

    Science provides a much better framework for discovery of truth or approaches to increasingly more accurate interpretations of ‘truths’. The alternative of course is to use philosophy to find a ‘reason’ for you naturally observed phenomena…an exercise which provides no or very few answers…if ever.

    Sooner of later in philosophical discourse the dialogue degenerates into ‘morality’ on what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ and the seeker of the truth is no more enlightened in the process since he began his search. In fact, the seeker of the truth is often more confused. ‘Morality’ and ‘philosophy’ are necessary constructs for self-aware humans to survive, but they are simply constructs: they are not ‘true’, they are ‘made up’ or ‘fabricated’.

    For an explanation on why men seek many sexual partners whilst women are not (or seem to be) ‘as promiscuous’ might I recommend Matt Ridley’s book the “Red Queen” and refer to the seeker of the truth to:

    Chapter 6: Polygamy and the Nature of Men Chapter 7: Monogamy and the Nature of Women

    Perhaps then you folks can start behaving more like intellectually capable and informed, educated adults rather than a bunch of fighting ignorant school children who will most likely go through their lives confused and resigned to being victims of circumstance.

    Also, perhaps a healthier attitude toward sex might evolve from a better, more scientifically-based understanding of human sexuality, instead of thinking that sex is ‘dirty’, ‘unwholesome’ or worse still ‘sacred’…and as a result all sorts of hang-ups and negativity starts messing with your head.

  2. U should try harder to con naive women's $$$ instead of posting such a lame pict

  3. Agree with above. The answer lies in science. The person who asked this should read more on Human Sexuality.

  4. Men like adventurous activities. They are excitement and thrill seeking animals. On top of that, it is also their their egoistic personality to want to conquer (women) to prove their ability and charm.
    I am pretty,sensitive, caring, way better than any girls around my ex and a girl treasured by many. But my ex still cheats on me.
    Men just think with their dick even though their heart loves their gf/wife but they cannot overcome their own dick

  5. Maybe your love sex & care is not enough to match your expensive bags & shoes collections? That's why a lot of guys have the impression SG women are too materialistic.

    Every man have a soft spot, whether he is an asshole or an ignorant sob. If you can conquer that spot,you will not see him fooling around.

  6. Taking the science venue is admittedly a very convenient way to excuse the adultery behaviour of many Singapore men (and men from all over the world for that matter). It is also very convenient to blame their so-called second brain. There is some truth in it that when this urge comes along and they get horney they need to seek relief and a wife or girl friend may not be around and if she is around she may not be willing. Either way, if you think this through, you will end up having fabricated a nice apology for sex based crimes and violence against women – after all it is pure science and lies within the nature of men (= humans with balls). If the world was a perfect place this all would provide for a perfect explanation – unfortunately the world isn’t perfect – not even close. It was also suggested that men seek sexual services from prostitutes because their girlfriends and wives are money minded bitches – it maybe true that many women here (and elsewhere in Asia) show that particular or at least a similar attitude. However, said attitude does not justify adultery but strongly suggests that the relationship to that particular woman should be given second thoughts and may turn out as something not worth continued.

    I like to believe that science (meaning biology I suppose) alone does not provide for a satisfying answer but that women and men alike are (also) products of the society they were born into and then raised. The term society is used as an umbrella covering, family, school, friends, workplace, politics etc. The foundation is set in an early age: children formostly learn from their parents how to deal with matters of life, with each other and with the outside world and subsequently imitate that behaviour until they are able to use their own (free) will. By that time, the learned has been almost fully implemented into their personality, e.g. how to deal with matters of sexuality, their own sexual behaviour, sex drive and sexual desirous, how to treat women (as sex toys or equal human individuals), the apprehension of the their own roles in society. Everything learned comes into play. Thus, if women are pressed into the role of the housewives and mothers, being conceived as money minded bitches, are considered as second class citizens or means of sexual entertainment (A women having many sex partners is (still) considered a slut, a man having many sex partners is considered a tough guy and mostly admired) etc, chances are that the boy will turn into a man who simply applies said knowledge and may not be able to control his desirous. Do not get me wrong, all men have sexual desirous and a certain sex drive (this is were sciences as mentioned above comes into play) and all get horney once in a while (which is not difficult with all the barely dressed women in the streets of Singapore), but the difference between them is that (for the reasons pointed out above) some of them have not overcome the state of that of a monkey humping every woman they can get hold of, while the others have reached the state and mindset of responsible male humans.

    What to do about it? Well, there might not be much that can be done for the cheating men, and I also believe it should not be a burden solely shouldered by the women to provide for an environment that makes it less likely that husbands or boyfriend consider cheating. What is needed is better upbringing and education of children and a concurrent change in society. However, if the husband cheats on his wife with whoever – based on the above- I dare to say that he does not consider his wife his true and equal partner in life.

  7. The trouble is that some wives think too highly of themselves especially those who think they are pretty.Pretty for what?What husband need is a partner who can satisfy him.Someone gentle.
    Daily,after a hard day work,if one goes home and see the bossy wife nagging at him,naturally he will go out to look for someone who can pamper him .Failing to do that will turn him crazy one day.You want your partner to become tingtong or want him to behave like a natural man.
    To me,visiting a prostitute is acceptable .It proves
    1)he got spare money
    2)Physically he is strong
    3)He is mentally ok becos he look for sex through the proper way,instead of using force.

    And not forgetting that prostitutes are also human being who need to eat.

    Without these ladies sacrificing,sexual crime will increase.Do you want our love ones to be sexually assaulted by those who have the need but cannot find a prostitute and turn their target on the innocents?

    Instead of being jealous of prostitutes,one should treat their husbands better,perform better.

  8. angongkia:u r totally wrong!!!which wife doesn't nag?u tell me lah!!and finding prostitute is acceptable??if u r a girl u say that,I recommend u to go see a mental doctor.if u r a guy,anyone who marries u is very super unlucky coz u will go find prostitute so often that u will neglect ur wife,treat her like shit and then a high chance that u will fall in love with the prostitute and u will divorce ur wife or keep a mistress.u think that is good??ASSHOLE!!!!

  9. angongkia:the proper way of having sex is to have it with wife not have it prostitues!!!!!the role of prostitues and wides is totally different.wife needs to take care of children,housework,finacal problems,needs to nag u to pay monthly bills and so much more!!!angongkia u should try to understand those who are wifes.for prostitues:they stay with u fir only one or two hours so they don't need to worry about anything,just laugh and have sex with u that's all!!!for those who are alrd married,they won't just go around raping ppl just because they can't have sex with prostitutes!!!use ur mind angongkia!!!!only those construction workers who has sth wrong with their minds will do this.if u want sex and there's no prostitutes,find a girlfriend to have sex with or do it with ur wife.simple,isn't it??this all depends on the way u guys think and how u guys understand how much stress ur wife is suffering from.understand me,angongkia??

  10. Do u all agree on what the recent Muslim women group-"Obedient Wives' Club (Malaysia)" idea and said that a wife must obey and serve her husband like "a first-class prostitute" to keep him from straying and to prevent greater social ills."There is a perception in our society today that a wife's duties include being a good cook, cleaner and mother, but there is less emphasis on sexual matters. They said they wanted to change that perception." [Read more: 'Serve husbands like first-class prostitutes']

  11. this is really funny.. i think this is more about men unhappy with their women, and theres bigger social issues here, its not about cheating or prostitution. angongkia seems to speak how he feels, i think anonymous shouldnt be calling him an asshole. its pretty uncalled for. As bad as it seems, i think he is trying to make it work with his own set of thinking. to write in this post, theres only 2 reasons, to flame or enrage or insult someone OR to sincerely give their 2 cents and hopefully help.. either of these 2 reasons i think ppl who puts effort to typing is caring enough.
    if its the same annonymous that said she's pretty and caring, well i think you should reflect further.
    im not defending men, yes i am a man, neither do i think its ok for paid sex or cheating.
    btw there are errors, there are nice good food in geylang even numbers. either ways im not here to judge, as long as its legal who are we to say anything how ppl choose to live their lives, men who cheat is morally wrong but lawfully they didnt break anything.. im not too sure about invasion of privacy thou... but still everyone is entitled to do what they want.. my suggestions is to women, if you are cheated and you cant take it, just leave, of coz if u can afford to take the kids and build a future for them. for gfs, life is too short for pain and too long to live with someone who's hurting u.. you can always make a choice

  12. No intention to defend men visiting prostitute but what I mentioned is indeed one of the reason.There are few and I may consider to reveal depending on how defensive you people are.
    May be some of you have not come across cases of wife asking their husband to visit prostitute.
    Some wives feel apologetic that they cannot satisfy their hubby.Some,because of health problem cannot have sex.Some is Sing Lern Karn,they call it.Some will faint when they reach a time while having sex.It is very stressful for some of them whenever their hubby comes home.
    Unfortunately,not everyone can have a understanding husband that can excuse them from such duty as a wife.Why pay money when I should have free sex?Many husband will ask.
    Is it fair and do you want men to force themselves on their wives if they have difficulty or fear to have sex and make them miserable?.U heard about marital rape?Its not punishable here.
    There are some understanding wife who even plead with their man to visit prostitute,not to say allow.
    So what's wrong for men to visit prostitutes?Got to pay one you know?Or you prefer them to commit incest?Or have mistress?
    Having mistress is ideal because can have safe sex without using condom.But the side effect is that mistress will eventually cause a broken family if not manage well.
    Prostitute rarely ask the client to divorce the wife.More common for mistress to do that.Never look down on them.They are doing a noble job that even those earning million dollar salary cannot compare.Some are professional,some will snatch your glass to lure you in.Their intention is to just to earn a living.
    I am fated to by pass brothels in every countries that I happen to visit.Not necessary that I may visit them,but I will never despise..

  13. Ashley: on a calmer note.. i think men do not understand why we woman are so uptight about men having one night stands or visiting prostitutes.

    I understand that man have different thinkings and views in regards to these kind of sex.. to you sex is just sex. its just an act. its not cheating as long as u dont form a r.s with that woman.. its almost as simple as brushing another woman's hand in the mrt. Love and lust are two different think in ur minds. i understand that. u can have sex with a random girl or pros but u dun love her and u think its okie..

    bt for us woman.. sex is something that is meant to be special that is between a husband and wife or bf and gf. if u can give this special feeling that we have given u to someone else, we get hurt that we are no longer that special anymore. the anger of visiting prostitutes is actually misinterpreted wrongly by men.. we are not angry that u visited the prostitute but rather the motion set during the visitation.. what do i mean? let me break it down for u.

    we are hurt that u didnt think twice before u pulled the prostitute's hand to go to the hotel.
    we feel betrayed that u lied or didnt tell us.
    we feel hurt tt u feel that we're not enough.
    we feel hurt tt u took tt "special-only-u" from us
    we associate love with any physical contact or affection tt we reserve only for u and we are hurt tt u take it so lightly.
    We feel hurt tt u did not remember the sacrifices we made for u/marriage/family and continued to do it.
    we feel angry that u did not think twice before u decided to go ahead with it.
    we are engraged that u think its OK to have sex with others.
    but mostly, the feeling we get when we find out, is hurt. do u really want to hurt us?

    the list goes on... so guys.. do u understand how we feel?

  14. By the way,I am talking about husband and wife.For those who feel that its ok to have sex between boyfriend and girl friend,you all have make a great mistake.I do not agree that sex should happen before marriage.It would result in unwanted pregnancy and abortion which to me is a sin.I would encourage them to settle down early if they really love one another.
    Those who says that sex between bf and gf is ok are implying that its fine to have pre marital sex.This should not be encourage.I am more concern about abortion.Pls think twice before you act.Virginity is also something one should treasure.Not all but boy friend can change his mind after sex.Beware.
    But I want to thank that my comment is not deleted and given a fair chance to air my view.The moderator here is fair so far.I thank her on that.

  15. i think.. u are detering on the subject at hand..

    when i say bf and gf.. what i mean is those tt are already in stable r/s who are going to get married but not married yet.

  16. Anon557
    So long as one is not register ,stable relationship or not,going to married but not yet married,legally they are not husband and wife.

    Family upbringing mah,who cares?.Its the gf that is at risk and disadvantaged.
    Just dun do anything foolish after that,if they are let down ,abortion,suicide...
    I am still on the subject,just that I dun want U to mislead those bf and gf.
    Paiseh,Sorry hor..If I need sex badly I rather visit a prostitute than to have sex with my gf.
    Not having sex with my gf before marriage and not telling her that I visited one prove that I respect her and really love her . Must think on the positive.
    If a husband cannot get what he needs and the wife has no interest,the husband should..
    1)Keep a mistress
    2)Use force/Marital rape/Rape on others
    3)Keep to himself n think of sex,DIY,until
    become tingtong
    4)visit a prostitute(pay and forget).
    As a wife ,you think which one one prefer.

  17. Hi.I have fren father kept a misstress for as long as he only knew.he had a daughter as old as my fren.of cos the end result is you think your men should cheat on you w a short term pro or keep a long term mistress?there is a saying,if men no bad,women no like.btw,I also know of women cheating on their hubby.nice touch to human relationship ya.haha.

  18. They have too much wealth they do not know what to do with it than to invest in a PROSTITUTE.Simply coz they think from that stupid lan jiao, its sibeh ho chio!

  19. You just met a rotten apple amongst the good ones. There are lots of good ones waiting for you out there. Stop seeking vengeance and you may feel happier.

  20. babe, i know of a high profile business man whose wife was an ex beauty queen and he fucks around as he travels across the globe. he was the nicest man i dated. i am no beauty queen but yet he's seeing me. no idea yyyyyyy but men are like that. he admits that a leopard nvr change its spots. so instead of spending ur time on this website, y not just accept the fact that all men are like animals...enjoy spreading their seeds around... karma will catch up with them one day. this blog is not healthy for u in the long run. get on with life, make new friends, learn new things, advance ur career and u dont need a man to feel like a woman.

  21. Hi,

    To all of the guys out there who gives all sort of excuses about wife not performing their wifely duties such as providing sex, not providing enough care and concern, comfort, too naggy blah blah blah. One word: Bullshit!!!

    Times has change. Women have all gone out in the workforce and providing equal if not more share in the household. In addition, women still have to bear children and be the main caretaker of the children and take care of the household chores and the elderly in the household and still 'service' their husband so that they won't stray or in this case visit pros in geylang??? Is this fair?

    Why shouldn't the men provide care, concern and love to the women in their life in return for all that she has done and provide for the family? why shouldn't the men be the one to massage their wives after a hard day at work? why shouldn't the husband do more than their fair share in household chores, taking care of the children?? After all, women are earning equal, if not sometimes more than men in terms of salary. Why should the men be the head of the household when it is women who is doing all the work?

    Which brings us to the topic of visiting pros in geylang. Why shouldn't there be a playground for women whereby they visit pros who gives them hours of pleasure which their husband cant provide. Since it is okay for husbands to pay for sex, then it should be okay for wives to do so as well.

    Whenever you guys think of whatever pathetic excuse to visit the pros in geylang, just imagine your wives doing the same exact thing with that hot bod colleague, sexy man they met at an overseas conference or even at one of those clubs at Japan which woman pay for the lovely company of hot man.

    Just think about that!!!

  22. Hmm... After reading through all the comments.. A question pops up especially to the previous comment.. I understand that this site is in regards to guy/bfs/hubbies who cheats/visits pros on their spouses/gfs. But how about otherwise? Dun tell me only guys are the only ones who cheats on their spouses? I don't think it's fair to classify that all men thinks with their dicks or second brains due to some science biology or etc. If girls turns lesbians because of some dickheads.. then there are guys turning gays because of some bitches..

    I am a man and I do not condone on these actions that these guys do to gain confidence/thrill or sexual pleasure. "Use your damm hand!!" is what i would say. I have a great dad. He comes home everyday from work to clean the house. Stays home all the time if he is not working. So does this make him a cheater who thinks with his dick?? The world is just not fair.. Everyone has experienced this before but it doesn't give the right to condemn everyone because of someone's else actions. Bottomline is myself and even some of my friends regardless being a girl or guy who have been cheated upon and hurt. What if you meet someone who is actually nice and good to you? But because of your past, it pulls you back.. you suspects and your inner self eats your relationship away without even realising that this man/woman is doing her best to assure you and give you happiness. but who can really not do that? once bitten twice shy.. you are scare but don't stereotype because it happened on you. There are happy families/relationships around too. Unfortunate to say.. It's the person you choose to be that makes the difference. =)

  23. guys why go geyland? there are better places than Geylang. i will share my secrets with you all only if you are interested to know!


    Big 2nd Mum

  24. Women who will go to great lengths to spy on their men like this are crazy. As a woman myself, I can say that all you need to do is be observant of your man's behavior. When there are drastic changes, especially when the 'honeymoon' period is over... you can pinpoint a myriad of reasons why he would cheat on you. Maybe you are uptight. Maybe he has a fetish that he is unable to share with you, etc. I'm not saying that what these men are doing is right... but in my opinion, if a man is determined to cheat, he will always find a way to do so.

    I also think you will find that most prostitutes do not necessarily enjoy their jobs. Look at the big picture with a clearer head.

  25. Maybe ur just lousy in bed, that your bf had to find someone outside ?

    I donno, just my two cent comment,

  26. Firstly, I think it's not right for prostitutes to be called "whores" (in another post on this site, can't remember which). It's very demeaning, and alot of them are victims of circumstance. As mentioned previously by alot of anons, women are emotionally involved in sex as well. It's very difficult to steel yourself against emotions. I believe no one wants to be a prostitute if they can help it.

    Second, "it takes two hands to clap." Instead of trying to catch guys cheating, it's more productive to work towards understanding your other half. I'm a woman, I've had horrible and even abusive relationships before. But I've kept to my own rule that every guy is different regardless of the fact that I've been hurt more than 3 times both emotionally and physically. Now, I believe that I've found the right one.

    The point is, in a relationship, both parties have to be willing to work towards perfection. It doesn't help if only one person tries. If you've had a bad experience, learn from it and try things differently the next time. There's always a reason for a cheating spouse. There's no need to go so far as to be an "obedient wife," but don't be shy to share your thoughts, fetishes, what you like or don't like with your other half. Half of a relationship is the luck of meeting a nice guy. The other half is working hard towards making things work. =) For those who have been hurt, you're not alone. Be brave, step out of it. If your spouse hurts you, then you deserve someone better; for the one who is worth it will never put you through the pain. All the best!

  27. To anon 338
    You said"
    Times has change. Women have all gone out in the workforce and providing equal if not more share in the household. In addition, women still have to bear children .... and still 'service' their husband so that they won't stray or in this case visit pros in geylang??? Is this fair? "

    It is precisely because many women today harbour such thinking that cause the husband to stray.
    No matter how busy and stress you are,the most basic that you can give to your love one is to make him happy on bed.This will also bring both closer and have a more happy marriage.Servicing one another is part of marriage and should not be consider as a burden.
    What you have cited is the 2nd reason why wife refuse sex.
    And there is a 3rd reason ...Woman cheated on their husband and refuse to have sex ..
    That's worse.All these factors lead many husband to the Lorong...Cannot blame them.
    Back to the point.
    Many have a happy family,can sleep with husband and children.Yet they complain and neglect their duty.
    Prostitutes have to sleep with different strangers.They provide sex so that many wives are relief of the bed duty.Some even face risk,being murdered in their brothel.
    Like you ask,is it fair?

    So,lets treat husbands better if not betterer from today......
    "Dear,Ling, are back,I have prepared your towel,you want to have dinner first or bath first,want massage?let me take out your shoe......."If every wife like dat,Geylang may close shop,no need take photo...

  28. Do you know of the late Princess Diana's story? She was married to Prince Charles, who had a mistress (but who is now legally married to him)and if you happen to know how the mistress looks like...Princess Diana was pretty whereas the mistress was not...worse still, the latter was older than Prince Charles...I guess men are really sex-hungry.

  29. Perhaps your BF is highly sex type and you are not aware of it. Thus , he enjoy having different sex partners, if this is the case, you should be bless that you found out now as this habit will not change even after you got married to him.

    If this is not the reason, than he's the sort that enjoy visiting Prostitutes, you should also count yourself bless that you found out now.

    Hey, the question now is not whether you are pretty or you can satisfy him, you should ask yourself what sort of BF you have that all this while that you dont even know? Love is not only sex alone, even though it plays a part, if your BF visit Prostitute because enjoy SEX with them, than forget him, he will continue doing it after marriage because SEX is so important to him. For all you know, he has been visiting Prostitutes for the past few years. Your BF has a problem himself, something that he is not worthy at all.

    It's his loss not to have you, its not your loss not to have him. If you tell me now that he cheats, having another GF behind your back, I can say your relationship is starting to have a problem, but in this case now, he is visiting Prostitutes, you cannot have such man to be your husband. He will never repent.

    Move on and close this site, time will heal all wounds, you spend your time tracking down other PP's spouses cheating, you may as well spend your time doing something more fruitful, for all you know, you will meet someone that's worth your love for him. Be confident and be happy, find your own happiness, life is short, you wont know what will happen to you tomorrow.

    Only if you can let go, otherwise, you will never find your happiness. We dont need a partner to be happy, alone can be very happy too. If I'm you, stay single if you can't find the right man. We dont live to this age and suffer because of MAN.

    Think abt it, close this site, i read the Yahoo comments, you are becoming very unpopular, why bother.

    Be strong, when you are happy, you will look good and confident, move around, you will make heads turn.

    God Bless you.

  30. if the wife is not giving sex to the husband, what can the husband do though he have done almost everything he could to have a good sex life with his wife ? GL have save some a lot of marriage as in fuck and forget, allow husband to release and go back to his wife without sex. I guess this will be the reason.

  31. @angongkia

    You are really Rubbish, only Dustbins will accept you. You are really a sad story !!!!!!

  32. Angie, i believe in Fate. Do you ?

    What is meant to be , will be.

  33. You may look good but pretty horrible in bed. I'm not sure why your BF is soliciting services of prostitutes but it takes two hands to clap. I know I'd dump a girl who didn't have anything to offer in bed in heart beat but perhaps your BF is pressured by family, etc to go for proper wife and didn't have a heart to dump you, who knows.

    And I would never, ever marry a girl that is like a lifeless tree trunk in bed.

    From happily married father of 3. Has been married for 10 years and never strayed because I know there is no point in eating junk food when I can get 5 course dinner at home. Girls do take note: sex is pretty important part of relationship, if you feel it's not then don't be surprised to find your significant other with prostitutes.

  34. @anon.3.44pm
    Hehe..just my 2 cent worth nia.
    So what experience or idea that you can contribute besides calling others rubbish ?

  35. bcoz wife dont do what a pro do period

  36. bcoz wife doesnt do what a pro will do common sense lah

  37. Simple, men only go for novelty ...