Monday, May 14, 2012

Wish to earn some pocket money?


We are looking for photographs of men loitering around in geylang. We will be able to filter who are the genuine guys and dont worry, we will mosaic the face as usual.  We are willing to give a small token on appreciation of that. Please do send your photos to, shortlisted photos will be given token of appreciation.



  1. I'll try and see if I can get any photos anot.. as I normally pass by Geylang to CBD and from.. =)

  2. Wow, its really true. Geylang checker award money for those photos taken with guys passing by.

    I just got the payment from them.

    They are really serious to business.

  3. yes me too , payment verified. they sent by paypal .

    1. I dun believe in making money by intruding into someone's privacy and even break someone's family as a result.But since money is so important ,I can help you all to make money by pretending to walk along the lorong and let you snap photo of me .

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