Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guys Heart : Why guys want to cheat even though he has a beautiful wife

Normally, my colleagues will always discuss this over lunch .
They will say that as long wife is beautiful, husband will not look out for other girls.
In m opinions, this is not true. Guys seem to be designed to have only 2 years of sex appeal for a girl then he will change his target...its like more programmed in them...

what yr views..?

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  1. My view is that you should gain some understanding of the human species you belong to. Obviously everything your family, teachers and spiritual advisers taught you was wrong. You learned that the hard way. Instead of accepting it, you fight against it. Why? Read a book called "Sex and Dawn" and learn why humans are not monogamous and never were. Recently rules were made trying to force couples together for life, but they are never followed. Guys and girls continue to cheat and even when it comes with a penalty of death in places like Saudi Arabia. We were meant to fuck around!