Monday, November 4, 2013

Are singaporeans going for more private sex calls now ?

Hi, i am back.

Its been over one year since i posted.

Many things happened to my life . For those who wish to know more, i can post it here.

Right now , i feel singaporean guys are getting out of hand .

They are now patronizing PRC ladies by calling them privately.

There are some informers whom given me the locations.

Wait for my next posts, some photos of guys are taken.

Geylang Checker Founder


  1. Wow this is getting interesting.. geylang checker going more now

  2. now "wechat" is the "in" thing, from the other forum they just have to be around some where safe like resturant/kopitiam/budget hotel rooms and even mrt stations and start scanning the area "up to few km radius". those providing service will just state/hint so in their profile page or nick so those guys are less expose on the streets now for selection. some losers even use the app to hook up maids for cheap/free service.

  3. with apps like that = very little exposure.

  4. This is why singa guys are smart. Force them to a corner now they evolve new things. Why dont we send spy to wechat

  5. welcome back! i stumbled upon this blog some time ago when i found out that my "dear" spouse is a habitual whore monger and used to be a regular visitor in geylang.. would love to see some updates on this blog :)


    1. some operates from rented apts too.

  7. Things will always go on but glad ur return add another voice. 芽龙欢迎你

  8. lol u losers know that you can never fully stop cheating men/women from existing. There will always be cheaters and ur just powerless. and btw the photos are garbage, u took so many pics of women instead of men. where da fuck is ur brain kiddies? must be braindead