Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shots Captured August 12 2010 - part 2

Quality of photos are purposely reduced. If you suspect that guy is your husband or bf, email us.


  1. Hi,Miss, you look atrractive from the pics and it is really stupid of your ex to do such thing to you...anyway, count it a blessing that you found out in time, else if married, going thru a divorce will be messy. Ladies, if you are not married yet, dump your guy if he's not devoted to you! However if you are married, please do get professional counselling. Dear founder, while it is admirable for you to carry such noble cause, it might not help any couple as prostitution has existed for a very long time. For whatever reasons, that's why every country cannot eradicate it, at most they regulate the industry. For yourself, I suggest that you spent more time getting to know more guys and being the "right" girlfriend" rather than finding the "right" guy. You are still young and very eligible, don't give up on guys just because you met one wolf in sheep clothing. I'm sure you will find a "good" man and from there work on the marriage.Don't give up on love and Jia You!

  2. You are sick! Go see a doctor and mind your own business!