Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shots Captured August 12 2010 - part 1


  1. I am a single, unattached man who wandered around Gayling Street recently for the first time because I was curious about all of the publicity it has got. Even though I did not take up any offers from the touting girls as I passed, I did manage to get my picture taken. As I got to one of the corners a bright flash blinded me so I have to think it was one of your cameras which took my picture unexpectedly. This is really a violation of my person because, even though I did nothing except walk around, anyone who sees my picture is going to assume the worst. Is this not equivalent to slander ? I assume that when the picture shows up on your website, I am going to be labelled as a John, even though I didn't do anything. I am not in a relationship so I shouldn't care but I feel like I have been violated and I do care. I am curious to know what you think about slandering people like myself who have nothing to hide but are being labelled, unfairly, as Johns, just for walking down the street and taking in the scenes.


  2. Your picture is taken off as long u provide a good justification, we are still reasonable.

    Your picture is deleted.

  3. This is scary. Im not ever going to geylang for meals wo my wife. If she ever spots my car on this website its even worse than her seeing my car there with her own eyes. At least, she can look or wait around for me. Once it appears here im as good as guilty.