Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi Everyone...

Hi Everyone, hope all of you are still well. Thanks for the support constantly.

I have been away for a period of time due to something that happened in geylang streets when i was out patrolling that awful day.

I really felt so dirty inside me now.

Should i continue ? 


  1. Are u hurt ? What happens?

  2. Can share with us what you had encountered that makes you feel dirty?

  3. chill.. everything will be ok again.. I don't know what happen, but don't let what-so-ever incident bring u down.

    Let it be and live your own life.. Don't destroy your own as you tried to help others.. ;)

  4. why? you got probed in a way or two? you should cover cheating wives too. So many gigolo bars opened up lately. you should be impartial on this.
    Whatever it is,I think the can of worms have been opened and somehow you're just gonna get yourself into trouble. But good work cos you have provided some very good read,whatever your intention is or was.
    Good luck.

  5. Keep it up, but nowsaday most of the marriage MAN keep their 3rd party at the Chinese Massage Shop. I think we should also foscus on the Massage Shop. Cheers,

  6. This is all quite fucked up actually lol.. if your partner has to resort to this method of checking up on u. This just means ur relationship is already in the longkang.

    If you think ur partner is cheating on you talk to him or her. Going on websites like this scanning ur partners emails and phones will just invite more trouble, what if he or she wasn't even cheating on you in the first place?

    I'm a guy btw and i know both guys and girls who cheat on their partners. CHEATING is cheating there is no way u can justify ur act of infidelity. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

    Just remember when u cheat ur taking the easy way out.

    Finally i just want to say FUCK you to anyone who cheats on their wives or husbands thinking that its normal. fuck u.